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FX 5600go and Half-life 2

Guest Mangatome

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Guest Mangatome

Hi everyone.

I've just discovered this site and forum, and i believe it's great. But I have a question. If somebody could answer in french it'd be good, otherwise i can handle some english :)

I have a notebook computer (Medion) with a geforce fx 5600 go graphic card (128 mb). I love to play to Half Life 2, and you certainly know that there have been a recent update that have put ... well ... a mess. Fortunately i've not updated, so I my game runs pretty good. I bought the computer while 2004's summer, and I've NEVER updated neither my drivers (v6x.xx i presume), nor my directx (it's v9.0b).

So when i've read that the new HL2 version might crash on computers that don't run on dx 9.0c and new nvidia drivers, i got frightend !

The fact is that medion's last drivers have been released in 2004, and i've read in the nvidia driver log that it don't work for notebook cards... so do, in your opinion, do I have to try to update HL2, and then directx... or not?

I'm so confused ... thanks a lot for any help you could bring.

ps : sorry for my english :)

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Guest Mangatome

oops, i forgot :

* Laptop Make/Model = Medion MD41546

* Graphics Card = NV Geforce FX 5600 Go

* Current Driver Version =

* Last Useable Driver Version = ???

* Operating System = WIN XP HOME SP 1

* An accurate description of the issue at hand ... in the previous post :)

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You should probably.

Upgrade to Service pack 2 (and all updates)

Install DX 9.0c

Then download the driver in my sig, then the INF for it, and unzip the driver, replace the INF in the driver with the INF that is linked in my sig, then install it using the device manager.

Instructions are in the FAQ forum section.

Half Life 2, Doom3, Halo, and UT2004 run fine on these drivers with this service pack on my card.

The 77.77 driver was the last or so official driver on nvidias site.

I would point you to the topic but dial up here at the beach and me don't get along too well, so it would take a while to find the page.

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I played HL2 with my 64mb Go5600 better than I expected. Drivers have big impact on performance so as long as you try and find the best suitable driver it should run fine. I'm using SP2 and DX9c btw.

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Guest Mangatome

Hum ok. The fact is that HL2 is running pretty good (about 80 fps) with my actual driver/config and I wouldn't do a mistake by setting trouble in my config.

Does anyone played the all new HL2 patch with SP1 and 5600go ?

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What languages don't work on SP2?

Never heard of that one before. :)

I wonder what MS will brake with SP3?

Im starting to learn Visual basic here, if I ever have time to teach myself, any recomendations for a more advanced language?

I have already secured myself a copy of Visual studio .NET 2003 :)

Might buy a student copy of 05 when it comes out, should be only $100.

If your really concerned with that, you could have a second partition wtih xp just for programming, that does not have sp2 installed.

The problem you are having might be fixable too.

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if u want to try running it in dx 8.1 mode heres the switch -dxlevel 81 u can put this in the startup shortcut or in the advanced options in the steam menu this will boost ur fps to c ur fps type in the console cl_showfps 3 and if u notice ur fps jumping from 50 to 300 alot limit it the fps to 35 or 40

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