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Problem with MADDEN NFL 06 !!!

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hI all.

I have a notebook COMPAQ presario R3455EA with video card GEFORCE 4 440 GO 64 mb, 512 mb RAM and video card drivers 77.72 .

When the game start shows the screen with MCNABB and the advance of the loading meter it stop at 6th led (there are 8 led for full loading game).

At this point, the computer jams.

Help me , please. :) :) :P :( :( :P

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Is this your problem? Sounds like crappy EA game programming to me.


Your computer seems to meet the minimun req.


Post back if the suggestsions mentioned in those articles fix the problem.\

Here are links to other articles.



If none of that works try re-installing the game, according to EA the files can easily get corrupted.

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Your asking abou the 77.77 driver in my signiture?

The latest available driver is some 81 series, I would try the 77.77 driver though (was official driver from nviida's site), I tried a 77.xx driver back when I had a GF4 go and it worked very well.

And the 77.77 driver works almost flawlessly on my Quadro4 Go GL card, which is similar to a GF4 Ti or GF4 go 4200.

(I had a GF440 go in this laptop, but it broke or something)

To install the drivers, just downlaod and unzip the driver, then replace the INF with the moddified one and install it using the device manager. (links to both in my sig)

Here is a topic on how to properly install the driver, there is also a video on how to install it.

Hope what I said makes sense.


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