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Black and white 2 Go 6800 ultra


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hey guys, I need help. I have NO IDEA why my black and white 2 just keeps freezing at random times? I think it may be the drivers. I tried using the 81.84s but they said they had some problems, so i reverted back to 71.91 (they worked the best for me) but if anyone of you guys have some fixed optimized drivers for Black and white 2, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks :)

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Guest genorex

I have the 81.21 atm and the map just gets BLACK :s

I'm gonna try the 81.84 and see if that's better. Don't know what you heard about it being bad. If they don't work well I'll go to the 71.* aswell :/

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well I tested the 81.84s and to my dismay :-( they're not good for black and white 2. I mean im getting on avg 10fps...on any resolution i play on. from 640x480 to 1440x900, im still getting the same fps and even when i turn the effects off....samething. I think I should revert to either the 76.50s or the 71.91s, unless you guys have an good drivers for the game. thanks :)

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The 77.77 drivers work good for me, they were also offical, so give them a try.

(Links in sig)

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well, i've been to the lionhead irc room (its on quakenet irc #lionhead) and they've told me that its not a hardware issue, its the software. Im very sure that this game was NOT thoroughly tested on all video cards. there are quite a few people with 6600s and 6800s who are having problems and this is after the 4th island. I am on the 6th island and im getting VERY LOW FPS. Im not even sure whats wrong? I even tried putting the pixel shaders to 2.0 using nVhardpage, no luck. The drivers ive tried all give me the same FPS at ANY resolution, even if the effects are turned on or off. ex. playing at 1440x900 with full effects = same fps on 640x480 no effects.... Clearly a software issue. If anyone has a fix for this, please let me know. thank you :)




p.s. the FPS are playable when looking at my creature, since there aren't many objects in view.

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