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Ati or nVidia


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I'm am looking months for a new laptop!

I always liked nvidia (had an nvidia card since my first pc, was a TNT2).

I like the drivers etc. also there are modded drivers and so on!

But what are the main differences between the nVidia Go cards and the ATI Mobility cards?

Because it looks like there are more laptops with an ATI card than laptops with an nVidia card!

What should be the best?

I always liked nVidia, and I have never seen an ATI card or something working.

Which of those cards uses less power etc.

also, the GeForce 7800 Go, what power does it use? Because I have seen the sager laptop pieter was talking about, and I'm crazy about it, but If i buy a new laptop, i want one with a good battery life (at least 3hours +)

thx in advance


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Nobody knows a site or something ?

it's because most of the laptops come with an ati card (it looks like there will be more with an nvidia with the new centrino dual core)

some comparison or something should be handy (where you can see power consumption etc.)

because I don't want to buy a laptop again that only has about 1h of battery life ... :)

thx ! :)

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Only 1 hour?

Both my laptop and my brother's Dell IXPS Gen2 M170 with the GF7800GTX both last about 2 hours on a single batter (mine can use 2 at once, but anyway), assuming the batterys are in a good condition (the ones on my old laptop are broke and don't last as long any more, only last 30 min now lol cause some cells are broke)

Any decent laptop with intel centrino should be fine battery life wise, even with the best graphics card out there.

Nvidia is of course currently making the better cards, and we aren't much for ATI support here.

Intel's newer dual cores probably drain battery life, but I bet there single cores can last a while.

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Yeah, I always liked nVidia above ati, I also don't like those ati drivers (saw them on friends pc's)

My laptop had a battery life that was about 90minutes when I just bought it (just enough to wach a (divx) movie). But now I even can't see a movie anymore :s

I'm interested in one of those laptops atm (i'm following the new models that are comming)

Acer Aspire 5650

Sony VAIO FE-series (dutch)

Acer TravelMate 4200

Acer Aspire 5670

Acer TravelMate 8200

this is in order i like them! I'm planning to buy one this summer (when I'm off school :) )

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