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Spikes with Geforce Go 6200

Guest RoToRs

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Ok people ,

I've bought PackardBell R9400 ( 1.73 ghz + 1go DD RAM + Geforce 6200 ) and i got spikes on some games (warcraft3/medal of honor/Vampire Bloodlines) even if i'm playing on 800x600x16 low details graphics , but i don't have any spikes on unreal tournament 2k4 on 1024x768x32 with very high details graphics.

I guess this problem is made by my Geforce6200 who doen't seem to support opengl technology....

Plz help me ^^

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Nvidia cards are supposed to excell in OpenGL.

What drivers have you tried?

Even though the 6200 is a buget model it should run current games just fine.

The 77.77 driver and INF in my sig should work just fine for you, all my games (both D3D and OpenGL) run just fine with this driver. (including Doom3, which I believe runs using OpenGL)

To properly install the drivers please visit the stickied topic in the FAQ section, you can't miss it.

You also might want to enable the advanced options in the application profile page, that is where nvidia has moved the OpenGL tweaks, (or use rivia tuner or nHancer) you really shouldn't need to mess with those, (only if all else fails) but who knows, they could fix something.

Anyway the afflicted games might have OpenGL updates or options and and enhancements, so check for those too.

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