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[DELL Inspiron8100 Display problem]

Guest Kalilu

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I'm not sure this is a good place to post my problem.

I bought an old DELL inspiron 8100, and i have a display problem.

You can look what my screen look like here : My display problem

I can't read any text and if i zoom in photoshop i can see 1 black line 1pixel/2.

You can download here

My LaptopVideo2Go_LogFile

Do you think my display screen is dead ? Or is it a driver problem or something like that.

I enter all information in my profile memeber if you want more, ask me.

Sorry for my poor english, it's not my native language.

See you soon

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Your screen might not be plugged in good, or the flex cable on your screen might be bad, or your graphics card is broken.

A GeForce 2 go for that laptop should be pretty cheap. (less than $100 if Dell still carries them)

Go look on Dells site for instructions on replacing the graphics card, take the keyboard off and see if the flex cable looks like it is in good condition, you should make sure it is not broken and that is plugged in all the way, you might even want to reseat the graphics card.

Official Dell Inspiron 8100 Guide in French (should be, I assume French is your native language)

If the graphics card is broke I should be able to provide you with the part number for a new card, but Dell should be able to sell you a GF2 or GF4 go if you tell them you have the I8100.

At most you would probably pay $120 US for a GeForce 440 go card, the GF2 go should be cheaper, but I dont know what it costs.

You are looking to take your keyboard and power button cover thing off (snaps off) to look are your graphics card and flex cable.

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thanks for your support,

I'm not sure it's the card because the monitor and tv output work fine.

But i'll try to found another graphic card and replace it to see if it's better.

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Just letting you know that Dell doesn't really reduce the costs of parts. Since they are not in the business of selling any parts as a retail store, they don't usually keep up with the times of their products, thus never reducing the pricing of it; even when the piece has gotten older.


I would call dell parts department in your area and still see how much it would cost. However, before doing all that, you should try seeing if the problem is with the flex cable. You can do this by removing the power button cover and seeing if the flex cable has been plugged in correctly.

Let us know how it goes :)

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I dismount all my laptop and verify the flex video cable connection (on the graphic card and behind screen)...

It's seems to be ok, no cut, good plug... I tries to unplug and plug it many times, same thing...


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The reason I had confusion with the price, was this.


That is also a good FAQ for you, even for your laptop as they share a lot of similar characteristics, and are compatible with some of the same video cards.

But on there it says the GF2 is the same price as the GF4 go, and I know the GF4 go is probably around that price still (heard it straight from Dell this summer), so if the GF2 go is about as expensive, you should get the GF4 go, you will see an improvement. I would sell you or someone else mine, but it is broke and someday I mgiht be able to stick a GF6 or 7 GPU on it by taking the card apart and building a new one from scratch, it should be possible along with some BIOS hacks (card and motherboard)

If those other 2 guys could put 512MB of RAM on a GF5700go I can figure out a way to put a regular GF6800go on my laptop. (Someday, I might become one of those "crazy engineers" that does that sort of stuff.)

If you can find a new card you should try it, replacing it is not that hard.

I might get around someday to posting pics of the inside of mine up.

Edit: If you can unplug and replug the flex cable with no problems, upgrading the card is a piece of cake. :) (just make sure to uninstall drivers first before your upgrade)

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thanks for your support, it's great !

One question (again) where i can buy such a card ?

I have a look on a dell site but i don't found product page for

Model : Nvidia Geforce 4 440 Go 64MB

Part Number:5J149



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You have to call spare parts, and they might not have it in. (didn't have any when mine broke this summer, or so they said)

Knowing the part number is a good step forward.

They should sell you that just fine (if they have it in), getting the quadro will be harder and cost more.

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