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Custome cooling box for my Area-51m 7700


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Soooo I actually have no clue what effect, if any that this is having. My Alienware Area51 was constantly overheating to the point where my hand rest was too hot to touch (not that I use it anyways).

So one day I said to myself..."Hey, self. How are you? Im just fine. But Ive got some terrible news. Oh? Whats that? Well, self, it appears my kick arse mobile gaming notebook is very very hot! Oh no! Well we should do something about that!"

And so I did!

I built...


this contraption I like to call my laptop cooling board. I still dont know if it is serving any purpose, but hey....it got me out of the house.

sooo heres the pics.

"Blueprints" (ok, so it was like 3:30am when I drew these and was too lazy to get a ruler, so I used the edge of a book, and a mini-ruler I got in a Wendys happy meal like 8 years ago, to measure.


Annnd heres everything else cause I dont want to post details to every frigin picture...cause Im lazy like that.






And alas, the final product...sorry for the crappy pics.




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:) :) :P

Nice cooling board there, I had been thinking of maybe making something myself, but it never happened, and it probably would not work too well while my laptop is on the docking station. (although there is now extra space underneath my laptop :( )

Anyway nice board and maybe you can come up with some killer design in the future and patent it. :(

As for wheather or not it has any effect, try checking the temps of it on and off of the thing, even if you can't, if it is blowing a decent amount of nice fresh or cool or almost cool air onto the laptop, it is probably doing atleast a little bit of good, although the effectiveness of such a pad is dependend on the laptop probably. (some it will work with it better than others)

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ohhh I see how it is, this isnt alllllready cool enough?!? Its got color coordinated lights, a sleek design, and an uber cool metallic/grungy look!! Hows it noooot cool enough?!?

:-p i keed i keed. I was thinking about patenting it, but I'd have to get alienware to back me up on it, since it is custom made to fit the specific fan setup on the Area-51m 7700.

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