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I would like to ask this question to the webmasters of this forum:

I have an Aspire 1524 with a 5700go on it. Recently my card got fried and Acer replaced it (or whatever). I had problems with the temperature during summer and i think that was what coused the card to fry.

Te question is: Since i ve installed the modded 77.76 I keep getting a message during shutdown that the nvsvc32.exe cant be read or something and needs to click there to close it. Is it possible that this nvsvc32 mallfunction or the drivers in general can cause high temperatures of hardware damage in any way? My standard temp now is 57C. And I havent noticed any malfunction to the Nvidia controle pannel configurations (as some people reported here). I am in no overclocking (I dont want to be). In case you dont know or never met with this problem at all Is there any safe way to uninstall the 77.76 moded drivers and go back to the Acer original drivers without causing farther problems to my system.

I am in a paranoid state of constant fear. I dont even touch a game anymore and I dont dare to work with 3ds max 7. I am a professional modeller and I'll starve to death if you delay your answer.

(Wouldnt Acer reinstall the old drivers if they thought there were a problem with the 77.76 anyway?)


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The nvsvc32 problem isn't related to heat. Several people have reported the same thing, though I don't think we know what causes it. It's annoying but doesn't seem to cause any harm.

If you want to get rid of it, you can disable the service (called the "Nvidia display driver service") in Windows Administrative Tools. Most people don't see any adverse effects from doing this, and you can always enable it again if you do.

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What about making a batch file or some sort of similar thing that closes nvsvc32 right when your system shuts down, so it closes before a message pops up?

If you can do that in VB6 that might be my next project for school.

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hmm...dunno I still feel a bit paranoid...maybe I should contact my psycologist...

Isnt anyone around who faced an overheating problem using any of our moded drivers? In ANY way? Under ANY circumstanses?

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Well I think heat caused my old hard drive to keep crashing. (had to replace)

But the heat was not caused by drivers or anything, the hard drive itself just wasn't that good, my new ones are, however.

You have been keeping your computer clean right?

There should be FAQ topics about cleaning laptops with compressed air and the like.

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The nvsvc32 doesn't do any harm at all.

There are 2 options to get rid of it:

1) Just disable the service as sugested above.

2) Install a new driver with Pieter's latest INF, like the v78.82.

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