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I just purchased Far Cry. I haven't installed it just yet. I want to make sure my vid card and monitor properties are adjusted properly. First off, I noticed the Far Cry requirements request for nVIDIA cards to have the ForceWare drivers installed. I have a nVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go 64MB card with the original drivers installed so I am not sure if the game will fly or not since I haven't attempted to install it yet. I am having one hell of a time locating a WORKING updated driver.

Obviously I exhausted trying to use the updated driver located on hp's site for my specific laptop. I downloaded, installed, and rebooted and the display was all whack!! I tried numerous adjustments in settings for the display such as changing the resolution (none of which included an option for 1280X800 for my widescreen) and every other setting and they wouldn't stick. So I rolled back the driver and it is working nice but it's the original driver.

I google my brains out and found ForceWare drivers here for the GeForce4 440 Go cards but they stop in the middle of the install stating, "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit".

Can someone point me to a working ForceWare driver for my nVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go 64MB card that has 1280X800 resolutions available to use? OR at least an updated driver period for my resolution?

Secondly, I show default monitor for this. It's a 15.4 WXGA LCD. Is there ANYWHERE I can attain the hp driver for this?

Everything is running fine right now, I just want to make sure I have no hitches when trying to install and play Far Cry. I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP!! If anyone could figure this out, just by the registration process I can tell, you guys can!

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Try the 77.77 driver with Pieter's mod INF, just download the driver and the INF, unzip the driver and replace the INF in the driver with Pieter's mod INF, and install it using the method described here, there is even a video guide.


(link to that driver and INF is currently in my sig)

About FarCry, with drivers before 53.03, the graphics will look very screwed in D3D mode, so you will need to use OpenGL with drivers before that version, which still won't look right. (atleast on the demo)

Newer drivers should run the game just fine, although you might still get some graphics gliches occasionally. (unless they fixed it in the full game)

The game should look very nice on your laptop, even it takes a whole day to load.

Before I upgraded to this Quadro I tried the demo, ran very nice. (I had the GF4 440 go before)

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