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Dell nightmares! 5200 fx go 64mb

Guest Travis

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Which is the best driver for the 5200 fx go

Dell wont let me install any other drivers but their own...

When i try and install nvidia's forceware, i get "hardware not detected on this device."

or something along those lines.

How can i mod a good driver for gaming to bypass my idiot 8600 inspirons none dell driver safe guard.

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Your problem is the very reason this site exists. Just extract the driver you want to use to an empty folder, then replace the inf with our modded inf for that driver. You'll find both the drivers and the modded infs in downloads section. If you have any problems, check out the FAQs.

As far as the "best" driver goes, I highly recommend 67.66 for the FX Go5200. It's not the newest but it's virtually bug free and is faster than any of the 7x or 8x drivers. I play with every driver that comes along, but I always drop back to 67.66 after a few days. It's a superb driver that almost seems designed for that chip.

If you really want something newer, try 72.14, which is the most recent driver with a functional PowerMizer for the Go5200. And if you want the very latest (and don't care about PowerMizer), then use 82.10. Neither is as fast as 67.66, but both work fine with the FX Go5200.

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