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Random Re-booting when playing games! Help!

Guest Matt Williams

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Guest Matt Williams


I have a Acer Travemate 4651 LMi with a GeForce 6600 Go 64mb graphics card. It has 512mb ram and is on XP Service Pack 2. I have just recently purchased the laptop from E-Bay.

During gameplay, at varying intervals of 10 seconds to an hour, the laptop's screen just goes blank but you can still hear audio. The laptop will just then re-boot itself.

This has happened on Dawn of War Winter Assault, F.E.A.R, Half Life 2 & Pirates! The games run perfectly until this issue arises.

This only occurs when playing games, any other activity is fine.

I thought this could be overheating but it happens when the laptop is still cool - I have the fans always on.

I thought this could be to do with the RAM but I have tried swapping sticks and running a memory checker at www.memtest.org which could not find fault.

Then I thought the drivers could be a little old so I have tried various different drivers with varying success - F.E.A.R seems a lot better on drivers 8040 but no matter which driver I use Dawn of War Winter Assault still has this problem.

I am still not sure if this is a hardware of software problem, does anyone know of a test I could run to be absolutley sure? Any ideas at all or has anyone experienced the same problem? I am new to the world of laptops, is this the norm to have these sorts of issues?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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It sure sounds like heat. Even if your fans are always running, the cooling fins on the vent can be clogged with dust, allowing the machine to overheat. If so, get a can of compressed air to blast out the dust.

The other problem that happens with many laptops is that the case isn't rigid enough and flexes slightly. This can allow connections to become loose and, worse, can cause the motherboard to crack. This can manifest itself in various mysterious ways and can easily cause lockups and reboots in the midst of heated frag sessions.

But I'd definitely rule out the heat possibility before probing deeper. It really is the most likely culprit.

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