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00THotkey brightness


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Hi all:

Lately I have simply disabled the 00THotkey.exe service that is part of the standard Toshiba system software (and adjusts screen brightness when you press fn+F6 and fn+f7), because, as you know from earlier posts, it interferes with the nvidia driver in some instances, causing programs to minimize to the taskbar or to exit fullscreen (GTA Vice city and San Andreas, G-Force visualizer for itunes are where i notice it the most). Overall I found the interference more annoying than losing the hotkey functionality, but in some situations it is also really annoying not to have the hotkey functionality. I lack the technical know-how about how to solve the conflict, but am willing to experiment with different things. However, I can't seem to find any updated versions of this service. I can't tell which setup program it comes from. On the support site, there is a diplay hotkey Fn5 thing, but this seems to include updates to other services (for instance hotkey switch between lcd and external) that are currently working fine but, as i understand it, don't work properly if updated.

I hope that's not too confusing, basically the question is how to fix the conflict between 00tHotkey and nvidia without losing 00THotkey. You guys already do so much great work, I feel greedy asking for help on this little bug, but I do really appreciate any suggestions or knowledge that anyone can offer!


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Not really sure but it should come within Utilities, Common Modules or Controls. I'm not having any troubles with it like you are and it works all the time :)

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