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Toshiba FXgo 5600 w/77.79 Problems

Guest Plazmodeus

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Guest Plazmodeus

Counterstrike Source always gives me a warning message when I start it up saying that I need newer NV drivers. I recently put a new HDD in my laptop and decided to upgrade the driver. After figuring out the whole *.inf thing (duh!) I installed the 77.79s with an inf from the toshiba section of this board.

It installed fine, but when I play CSS it's a slide show (which it wasn't using the official Toshiba 6.14 drivers). Using the video stress test I get 6fps, whereas I got 33.5 with the official drivers. I decided to dig a bit and ran the test again with cl_showfps 1 enabled and observed something odd: the fps ping-ponged back and forth from 2fps to ~70fps all the way through the test. Its as though it renders one frame very quickly and one really slowly.

I'll live if I just can't run anything but toshiba 6.14s on my laptop, but I really wouldn't mind having some newer driver functionality. Can anyone help me out? Do I need a better inf or something? Is 77.79 just not compatible with GeForce FX go 5600?

Thanks in advance.


PS Toshiba P10-610 P4 3.06ghz 800 HT, WUSXGA 19x12, Momentus 80gb 72, GeFoece Fx Go 5600 64mb

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