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Question about DVD+-

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Most DVD players (home) can play DVD + and - they do need to be finalised first though to watch anything.

Computer DVD players, can read both and they don't need to be finalised.

DVD-RAM needs a DVD-RAM capable reader which normally means having a Multi burner, with a Multi burner you can burn DVD + and - as well.

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I have a DVD-RAM drive on my Toshiba and it's a (-) drive. Nero disc info tool and manuals state I can only read/write (-) media. I tried empty (+) media just in case and it didn't recognise it. So as far as I know (-) drives can only work with (-) and (+) drives can only work with (+) unless they are multi (+-).

However I just realized mine can read dvd (+) as well and wondering if that is usual or not. I can't write (+) btw as stated above.

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I have a super-multi drive that burns everything.

You may have DVD - Burner that can also burn DVD-RAM.

Not being able to burn DVD + is no loss as DVD - is a wider accepted media and will work in all DVD + drives, although not always the other way round.

DVD + is a little more advanced but doesn't always work in older DVD players where DVD - most likely will.

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But why all manuals and info tools say that mine cannot read + media then? Mine is a dvd-ram drive as Windows and specifications state.

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Manuals are often wrong on that regard.

There will be very few DVD - drives that can't read DVD +

I have CDRW combo drive it can read both DVD + and -

If you have a DVD cable reader it will like (99%) be able to read both formats.

There might be less chance of reading RW and DL disks of the opposite format.

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