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Upgrading graphics on Dell Latitude D800

Guest Richard White

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Guest Richard White

hey all, ive got a 32MB nVidia GeForce 4 4200 Go card in my maching and i realise an upgrade is necessary.

How can i find out the cards that are compatible with this machine, and where can i find a guide for upgrading the GPU?

many thanks


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According to Bay Wolf, you can get a Quadro card on your laptop, it has DX9 support. (but expensive) there should also be a 64MB GF 4200go.

http://www.bay-wolf.com/videoupgrade.htm (bottem of page)

For an upgrade guide, look on Dells support site.


After clicking your model it should have a guide with pics on how to upgrade the video card, look for video or display or just download and save the PDF guide and read through it. Upgrading the card on my laptop was not very hard.

To get the better cards your going to have to call Dell, I have no clue what the part numbers are though, but Dell home and business spare parts should have them in stock. (call the number on the site, then go to spare parts)

Lets see if any D800 users pop in here with some advice.

Edit: There is also a GF FX 5650 card, it will have DX9 support, but without the insane price tag from Dell. (they might charge $400+ for it)

I also think dell is still too stuborn to sell Quadro cards to home users.

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