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Dell driver for the go6800, go6800 Ultra and go7800 GTX applies to the i9300

Fixes and Enhancements

Addresses some gaming issues and DVD playback issues

:: DOWNLOAD & x-click-but21.gif

This and all other drivers available at LaptopVideo2Go are 7-zipped and come as a self-extracting archive for your convenience. We take care that your download time/traffic is minimized by compressing the driver in an optimized way.

Please donate if you find what we do useful and would like to help us pay for hosting these files nto the future.

BETA Driver - Windows XP / 2000

ForceWare Release 75

Version: 78.51

Release Date: September, 2005

WHQL Driver

International files included

Setup Files included

78.51 32bit driver is here : 78.51

Modded INF is here : Modded INF

Info file is here : NFO


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This you will need to try for your self.

The 70's should be a bit more stable as they've been around longer.

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Should I be able to access the files. I'm getting a 404.

:doh: all fixed, I'm trialing new ways to display the links and I mucked it up sorry about that :)

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Yes that driver I saw earlier this morning (R111574.exe), the one above is the one they released yesterday (R111573.exe)

The only difference between the drivers is R111573.exe has a text file called version.text which contains this :

Title : Video:nVidia GeForce Go 6800 Driver

Version : A04

OEM Name : nVidia

OEM Ver :

Computers : Inspiron - 9300

OS : Windows XP

Languages : Chinese, Chinese-S, Chinese-T, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Created : Thu Oct 27 01:38:33 CDT 2005

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Tweaks R Us has a new 81.86 driver that I hope you can make an inf for. Thanks for the good work! :)

Already done, me and John keep in touch with driver releases :)

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hey people. noobie on this website :) great website. i have a question i'm not sure if anyone else is having the same problem or not...

i have the dell 9300 6800 geforce and sometimes when i have this driver installed my lcd will show some random colors that distort everything on my screen. it usually happens when the resolution is changed like when i am loading a game. does anyone know what might cause this problem?

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