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CoD2 MP and the Geforce FX go 5700

Guest Andy

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im new here an hope that one of u guys can help me. ive tried almost everything (i hope it wasnt everything) to get Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer running on my HP Pavilion zd7383ea (P4 3.2 HT, 512 Ram, ..., Geforce FX go 5700 128 mb). anyway.. the prob is:

running CoD2 Singleplayer on my system is absolutly no prob. i can crank up the resolution almost as far as i want and i still get great performance. the sh*t starts when i want to switch to multiplayer (btw. the only reason to buy CoD2).

the game starts loading and the screen goes black. all excited to finaly play the game, all i get my desktop and sometimes (why not all the time ??!??!!) a warning "CODMP_s has detected an error and must be closed" (or something like that... i just translated what is said in german, but its the ###### window we all know that asks if we want to send a report to ms)

now, i think it shouldnt be a problem to run it in mp since sp works just fine. is it a driver prob? or is it really a hardware prob like the guy at activision said "uhhm.. dunno, but it seems to be a hardware problem that were not planning on solving" - jeez thanks...

i got the link for www.laptopvideo2go.com from another forum, now i dont know which file to download and before i download everything and mess up my system, i thought i may as well ask u guys for some support..

million thanks in advance and greetz from germany.

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If this is a pirated copy of the game, you aren't going to be able to play online without some hacks and mods which I can't help you with in this forum as it would be illegal. :) However, if this is a legitimate store bought copy, go to the games website for tech support or e-mail them with your problem -- AGAIN. Talk to a different person though. If you can't find help there I would go to a fan website for that game and ask around in there.

I am almost certain that it has nothing to do with your graphics card -- especially if it is running single player flawlessly. Single player tends to be more of a resource hog than multiplayer in almost every game I've ever played.

One quick fix might be to totally uninstall the game and then reinstall and then apply the most up to date patch(es) you can find. I've done this a few times with good success.

-- Alex


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