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Again about GeForce FX 5600 Go, bu now about Sony Laptop


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Hi all, i am sorry about new thread, but...

I read all threads about GeForce FX 5600 Go, try most of methods to get normal performance, but nothing to sutisfact me.

May be i have not enought skills in english to undertsand all messages, and do something wrong, but i tried more drivers in different combinations, and got only unsatisfaction results.

Configuration for nowdays:

Latest SIS AGP Port driver + NVidia 56.77 Drivers + Mod INF with all modes sets LOW in games. Still lags but not so annoing.

I tried next configurations:

Microsoft standart SIS AGP port Driver + NVidia 80.40 + Mod Inf nice effects nice performance but for few minutes, after only 4-5 fps in any D3D programm/game

MIcrosoft standart SIS AGP Port Driver + NVidia 77.72 (recomended by manufacturer of my favorite game Project Entropia) + Mod Inf same result.

And most of 70 and 80 drivers same result. Didnt test all 70 and 80 drivers :) Cause was very angry :)

With SIS AGP Port drivers 70 & 80 Drivers, i only got black screen after some flashes :(

Modest Black Display string in inf comented or not - nothing difference

With Sony supplied drivers i got bad performance too :(

My laptop clean, no any dust in coolers etc, than start game most of tray programs shutdowned.

Pls help me :P , cause on my previous laptop Toshiba with GeForce 4 440 Go i got better performance...

Thank you for parcipation and sorry for my poor English skill.

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81.86 are pretty good, but stay annoing moment time to time than screen resolution change or than screen blink without resolution changing (show screen than monitor goes of and screen again) i got b;ack screen and system hang up :)

77.70 better performance but problem after resolution changing staying :)

Please help!

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I have a feeling the SIS chipset might have something to do with it (problem)

Anybody else with same model and same problem.

I'm not sure what to do here.

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Try the latest SIS AGP port driver with driver 72.14. That driver was designed for a wide range of configurations and may well help your situation.

When you install the SIS driver, check the Device Manager to see if there are any settings in its properties that allow you to tweak it or troubleshoot it. If not, try adjusting some of the options on the AGP page of the Nvidia Control Panel.

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Thanks mobilenvidia & LSudlow!

I found that some mobile edition drivers works fine, now i use 62.20 release, but still littel annoing issue, FPS drops down to 5-9 fps, after few seconds FPS goes to normal 35-37 at same scene, after few minutes same.

Can anybody say me, what shell i do?

2LSudlow: No any settings in properties at SIS AGP driver :)

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That performance dip isn't caused by the driver. Make sure nothing else is running on your machine that could be grabbing machine resources away from the game.

If that's not the problem, your machine may be overheating and throttling down to cool off. Make sure all vents are unobstructed and free of dust. (Blow out the vents with a can of compressed air every couple of weeks or so.)

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