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Gateway NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go 32M

Guest Randy Habfast

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Guest Randy Habfast

I was wondering if you guys were going to have/make drivers for a Gateway M500B1 with the NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go 32M. I've searched the site but can't seem to find the drivers for it. I've gotten a bunch of new games for this thing and of course the drivers are out of date cause Gateway has a bunch of slackers working for them. :) Thanks in advance for you anything you can do. You've got a great service here with this website. Many a happy person has come from here I'd bet.


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What new games did you get?

I hope you didn't buy anything that won't work on that.

Many new games, like Battlefield 2 for starters, won't work on that, and neither will the splinter cell games. (atleast the newer ones)

Other games will go DX8 and DX9 only soon... :)

This will leave the rest of us in the dust...

As for a driver, try the one here. (and tell us how well it works)


(download driver and mod INF, go read the stickied topics in the FAQ section if you are clueless)


It would be nice to know to return a game now, than later if you have too.....

Edit: Also, Raul, you should put some of your system specs in your sig, that column of text is a big long....

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Randy, Latest and probably only driver for your machine is here (32.20) ftp://ftp.gateway.com/pub/hardware_suppor...500/9523088.exe

Very old, try a newer driver with a modded INF for your new games.

The go420 is old and unless your games are DX7 forget it, your GPU is not upto modern or even older games.

Technology marches on I'm afraid

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