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Overlay fail, slow DVD playback with GeForce 2 Go

Guest ckeddf

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I've discovered this board because I was looking for newer drivers that support 1680*1050 resolution for a new external monitor.

With every driver I installed (67.66, 71.48, some driver in the 80's from 3dguru)

the WinDVD Player will not play giving a "creating overlay failed" message.

PowerDVD does play, but very slow and choppy.

Everything worked with the latest Dell driver 44.82, aside from not being able to set custom resolutions.

I've also tried turning VMR on and off, which doesn't make any difference. BTW, does changing that setting require a reboot?

I've searched the forum but could not find any thread describing this problem.

I don't need speed as I don't play games but just need a driver that supports 1680*1050 with smooth DVD playback.

I'm using a GeForce 2 Go (32MB) with an Inspiron 8100, native resolution 1600*1200

Just an idea: I don't have the external monitor yet, could it be possible that the card is using overlay for the external monitor connection? I'll use the external monitor as a substitute for the laptop display.

I'd appreciate any help. I'm very glad that this site exists at all.

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77.77 might be nice, I'm confused though if don't have the monitor yet. (should work)

Anyway just for the record the VMR option probably has no effect for you except screwing the fullscreen videoplayback up, I do not need it on my card, and I never needed it on my GeForce 440 go either, nor the GeForce 3 in our old desktop.

If your card has problems running at 1680x1050 with a DVD, just enabled the External monitor ONLY.

You might need this tweak first though.


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Thanks, I will try that. To clarify the problem: Right now, DVD playback does not work at any resolution I set for the laptop display. No difference between 1600*1200, 1680*1050 or 1024*768. There is no external monitor connected.

Update: I reinstalled the Dell drivers mentioned above, and it still is not working. It did before with these drivers , so I figure the are some residues left in the registry. How can I perform a clean install without reinstalling windows? By the way, I followed the uninstall/install procedures recommended by this board every time.

2nd update: None of the driver-removal tools worked, so I decided to do a clean windows install since the computer has been getting pretty slow anyway. Now everything works fine with 67.02, internal or external display, at any resolution.

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