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thank you

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didn't know where to post this, but i just wanted to say thanks for this site!

i had the space battle crash/lockup problem on star wars battlefront 2 on my alienware Area-51m 7700 (Geforce Go 6800 Ultra 256mb) but upgrading to nvidia forceware 81.89 with your repackaged drivers and modified inf file sorted my problems. i had a good 2/3 hour session on it tonight without so much of a whisper of problems and didn't notice any extra noise or extra overheating (i always find a warm can of beer anyway if i leave the can on the wrong side of the computer ... :) )

i also used information from www.tweakguides.com but ultimately it was this site solved the problem for me.

btw, i was directed here from this thread on the lucasarts website:


thanks again!


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Welcome brindy, and you are welcome.

Send our regards to our good friend George :)

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