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Now that I have you here.

These pages and drivers are kindly hosted by The Planet for free.

We still pay for the Domain registration and the very latest IPB forum upgrade.

This is done with your donations, which we very happily receive.

But we have become too popular and the free Bandwidth is at risk, we are very near our limit.

We need to look at alternative ways to host the drivers on our own server(s)

Now this is where you guys come in.

We need donations, no matter how small to be able to upgrade to a larger server.

If you feel that you have gotten something worthwile from here and would like to contribute, please help us by helping you.

All donations are only used for this site.

If you would like to contribute please look at this page where we have setup up some quick donation links.

As a consequence of lack of Bandwith (we have grown 100+% in the last 2 months) I have to link certain files offsite.

So any nVidia official driver is linked to nVidia's server.

This will mean a 50% bigger download for you guys as we compress the files down further than nVidia do.

This makes life a little more awkward to add the modified INF to the file as you have to manually unzip the driver then add the INF.

You can no longer with these drivers just run the zip file and it extracts to a dir with the driver name.

You will need to have winzip or 7-zip installed so you can right click on the downloaded file and extract it somewhere.

Your donations can help here with an upgrade to the server and more bandwidth, which we have to pay for.

We definitly prefer to host the files our selves (they are but not used) as this is the easiest way for you guys to add the modded INF(s)

The ball is in your court, the smallest donation is welcomed and very bit helps.

I hope you guys get value from what we do, and any suggestions are welcomed.


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I will most definitely be helping out.

Also, Pieter, is there any way for people to donate outside of paypal? As in check or money orders, etc..?

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Good point John and thanks for your help,

I'm working with the lads on this now.

Hope to be able to accept more than just Paypal donations very soon.

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Just a quick idea, and I realise there may be issues with this, but how about using bittorrents to share all the drivers you have to help ease the load on the server bandwidth?

You could have the drivers still linked on the server, as they are now, for those that don't use or don't know about torrents. But you could also create a torrent for every version of the files you have, and let those that can, download them that way.

I guess the older files would hardly every be available, so if need be can be grabbed off the server, but for the newest files, surely they would be fairly well shared?


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I had toyed with that idea, BUT.

People want drivers and want them now, if they need to DL the Torrent app, then a great many will just move on else where.

Torrents are horribly slow (well they are for me), I have given up with torrents as with my ADSL its no faster than when I was on dialup.

I'm currently redirecting the new nVidia official driver to the nVidia server, this is working somewhat.

Were down to about 6GB a day now instead of 10GB.

Not ideal as I can't keep track of the drivers

I have always been a fan of free DL's, and I don't like to see these adds all over the place.

But we have become so popular that we need them to host them at all.

I have some ideas bouncing around, I would really like to host the files as they are.

Thanks for the suggestion, appreciated :)

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  • 7 months later...

Just want to say MANY MANY MANY THANKS to you guys for having this site :P :) :P :thumbsup: :( :(

very helpful, informative..and seriously time saving....Nvidia should pay you guys :P

all i can say is :) :)

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