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Need some help with Dell Inspiron 8600 and Port Replicator


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Need your help guys.

I'm having a problem with the 82.10 drivers with the Modded INF on the download page.

Here's my setup:

Dell I8600

Geforce 5200Go 64MB

Dell APR Advance Port replicator (docking station)

Whenever I install drivers from this site I can't seem to hotdock my I8600 into the APR. I close the lid on the lappy place it in the dock and hit tht power on the APR. It doesn't transfer over to my external screen connected to the APR. If i lift the lid on the lappy the screen is still active.

Using the dell 67.42 or 78.11 drivers it works fine, except the drivers are pretty slow. Otherwise the 82.10 drivers work great on the I8600. Much faster than any of the Dell drivers.

Only thing I can think of is some entries in the modded inf are missing to enable docking video support of some kind. I don't know much about this stuff so I need your help.

Thanks guys

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Just as an update this only happens when I use Pieter's INF version 31.01 for 82.10

If I use the stock Dell 82.10 INF it works fine, but of course isnt as well tuned as Pieter's version and doesn't have all the same features.

I'm guessing this is something to do with primary monitor enable but not sure.

Any ideas guys ?

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Go to that post (last post in topic) and get the INF that Pieter made, it is the Dell INF but with all the settings pages, and you should be able to set the secondary monitor as primary.

If not go complain in that topic.

That FAQ topic mentioned above has the neccessary tweaks laid out, but that INF should have the tweaks already in it.

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