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Need Driver for "NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go"

Guest temp123

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Guest temp123

I looked the search before posting, but i couldnt find anything specific to my question.

(Satellite 1415)


As of right now, my driver version is "" and I know that there is a more current version.

The NVIDIA site is of no help to me, and neither is the Toshiba site. I was directed to this site, but i have no clue what i should be looking for.

EDIT: from another forum i am getting help from, they gave me these two sites too



All i want is the best driver for gaming etc.

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You might have the black bar, so check out this page.


Select a newer driver, like 82.10 or 77.77, both work good for me gaming wise.

Select your screen from the Toshiba menu, cause I think you will experience the black bar on your screen without the fix. (Im not the Toshiba expert though)

You should then download the corresponding driver from the main site.


Finaly, read the FAQs here, specifically "what is an INF" and the installing instructions.


You just unzip the driver, replace the INF in the driver, and install the driver using the device manager.

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ok, i went here: http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/enhancer

filled in what you said, and clicked submit query. It came up with a download dialog box to download "nvdm.inf" i downloaded to my desktop.

then i went to http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?s=80 and downloaded the corresponding driver, (right click save as to the inf" and it had the same file name.

Which inf do i use to fix the black bar and which inf do i use to replace with the driver.

and where do i put both of them?

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In your case nvdm.inf includes the black bar fix and is your master inf which replaces all other infs (or delete them).

This fix was researched by the crew of LaptopVideo2Go.com with help of MiniSteve.

A donation would be appreciated.

Forget about NGO or DNA. The infs they offer all base on Pieters inf with doubtable performance tweaks. Get the original.

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On that page you right click the actual driver version number on the left side of the page.

When you save it you should have an EXE file, then you run that, it will "unzip" itself, then you replace the INF in the unzipped driver with the mod INF from here.

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Guest temp123

Ehh.. Sorry for being so unknowledgeable, but, which driver specifically should I pick? There are 4 there. It also looks like there is a new format.. And also the black bar test thing isn't working.

I get this message: "

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/lv2go/public_html/teraphy/enhancer_v2_func.php on line 17"

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