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Counterstrike Fps Drop

Guest miscslim

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Guest miscslim


sorry if this is a repost but I searched and couldnt find anything related to this issue

I am getting extremely frustrated at counterstrike/steam..

I recently formatted my computer, installing windows xp pro. I re-installed counterstrike, steam, etc.

I have a geforce 4200 go graphics card, with the latest drivers downloaded off of Nvidia.com

When in counterstrike, my fps will be at a constant 100, then suddenly drop to about 20-30. The fps stays at this, unill either I alt+tab and go back in, or if I just sit there for a few minutes.

I have noticed that whenever this happens, I can hear my cpu fans speeding up, leading me to assume it is due to excsessive recources being run.

This NEVER happend when I was using 2000, but I dont think its a 2000 problem.

I have VSYNC disabled, and I am playing counterstrike with a 800x600 resolution.

Any help on this issue would be greatlyyyyyy appreciated

Thank you

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My card, which is the Quadro version of your card, runs HL2 just fine with both the 77.77 and the 82.10 dell drivers.

Try the 82.10 driver with the inf already present in it.

Might want to uninstall your current drivers first.

Also check for updates and stuff, if you just recently formated.

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Lets see, 77.77, 81.95, and 82.10 runs Half Life 2 nice for me. (using 82.10 right now)

If you are on a Dell, try using the Dell INF in the 82.10 driver instead of the modded one, I don't know why someone with that Quadro would have performance issues with CS, its much newer than a GF4 or Quadro 4.

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