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6400 go problems with Half-Life2

Guest dissipation

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Guest dissipation

Well, I havet tried a lot of drivers, all resulting with the same effect. When I attempt to boot up a "source"game, It will switch resolustions then, after loading screen, I get a blue screen and then the computer re-boots (or tries too). The blue screen doesnt stay up long enough for me to read anything on it.. which is really annoying.

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-s580

Nvidia Geforce 6400 go 128mg

512 ram

centrino processor 1.73ghz

Im currently using the 78.01 driver. But, I have tried quite a few.. all the way up to the latest 80 series drivers. Exact same result each time.

The computer is brand new. When I try to find info on teh 6400 go I noticed there isnt alot out there. Is there any particular reason for this? Is it a new (or old) card?

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C&P From other Thread :

Hi about Half Life 2 ( Source Eng. Games ), check this Site :

Half Life 2 ( starts ) with -window command, but CSS wont.

Half Life 2 Problems

What u can do ( Support Valve )

Again Half Life 2 look great ! But reboots after some mins. ( SonyVaioFs315s ). CSS cant be played on SonyVaio Notebooks, maybe with some Beta Drivers or Updating all Drivers generally. Need to try this first....


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Guest Guest

It can be played!! lol you people should google things first. OPEN HL2 (OR OTHER SOURCE GAME) AS WINDOWED THEN WHEN IN THE GAME GO TO FULL SCREEN. THIS CAN BE DONE USING PARAMETERS IN THE LAUNCH OPTIONS. fheww. the command is -windowed with the dash

Edit: p.s. I meant it works with ALL source games including CSS

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