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Problem with dual view on resume from standby

Guest lxander

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Guest lxander

Hello everyone,

I have a very odd problem with the 71.89 and 71.90 drivers.

I am using a dual view setup with my external monitor as the secondary display and my laptop monitor as the primary display. Everything works great until I go to stand-by. When I resume the logon screen flickers on my laptop monitor just once and then it appears on my external monitor. My laptop monitor switches off.

After I log on, my desktop appears on my external monitor and the graphic card is in single display mode with my external as the primary monitor.

I tried just about every driver from the 70 and 80 series and I only have this problem with a select few. Ironically, the 71.89 and 71.90 drivers, which are the only ones that run with hardware overlay (no VMR) on my laptop also show this annoying behavior.

I really want to use the 71.89 or 71.90 driver since VMR just looks bad on my system. If you have any suggestions on how i could fix this problem, that would be great.

my system is:

Toshiba Satellite P25-S676

GForce FX 5700 Go - 128MB

Pentium 4 - 3.4GHz

1.5 GB RAM

all the newest toshiba bios and other driver updates installed

Windows CE 2005

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