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Everything works but Lcd not power on at startup... Please helpppp!

Guest darmadagan

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Guest darmadagan

I have a hp pavilion zd 7000 (7383ea) series notebook. Geforco fx go5700 with 128 mb and 3.2 ghz intel R HT tech., 1024 mb + 256 mb Ram. I am using my laptop for 7 months and i have no problem with it. But one day, i hit the power button and wait for turning on everything goes on except my lcd. Screen did not turn on. Like no power on it.. no light no dim display nothing but sytstem works great. I pluged external monitor and pressed FN + F4 button then it is ok, it comes on. Everything goes on no dim display no backlight problem.. i used my laptop for 7 hours like that nothing was going wrong on it.And while using my laptop for 7 hours i did lots of restarts and its ok nothing problem. Until the other day i turned on my laptop. Again no screen, again windows was working but screen could not. I was waiting for a while for 5 minutes to get warm cpu and i restarted it then my screen comes back... (After waiting for a while when laptop was working without display, i tried to restart 3 or 4 times and it comes back). When cpu or gpu gets hot its ok to restart and run but when its cold, its not ok, no display.... i cant find the problem and i get crazy..(When it is not use i mean hanging on or turned off for an hour or more) everytime i turn on my laptop and wait to get warm then restart again and again totally screen comes back..But why this happens.. Update all my hardwaree with new bios and sotfwares but nothing effect.. only i didnt update my GPU bios which is I quess my gpu bios mixed by something and not give order to screen to turn on at startup..something like, just thinking..and i quess its gpu problem...Thats not only me in the world which having this problem. In forums i saw lots of user as same as my problem. And most users send for repair for this problem. Hp change their parts, mostly changing motherboard but the users again and have this problem. Some of thems motherboard changed 4 times but again it happens. I think it is a hardware conflict with software. I think wrong settings for gpu, wrong driver or wrong GPU bios settings. Also it can be a refresh rate problem again i quess. Because at startup gpu or cpu sets the refresh rate and resolution. If it is wrong or different rate, screen fails. Am i right or wrong i dont know only a idea. What can i do to see my display at one startup. More common think that i know; when laptop starting up, nearly opening Windows, i shutdown with sudden move and again turned on quickly turn, then it is ok. What alter my settings...Please help me otherwise i will kill my mind and be a real idiot. For more imformation i wrote down all steps which i do? Thanks for all...

First start up (waiting for a night without working on) --> hit power button-> hdd Works, all leds lights on, dwd drive Works-> no power on screen, no display, no backlight, no dim screen--> laptop do its work and load Windows, hearing Windows opening sound--> everything goes on except screen, no screen no power on display--> Second start up while laptop working on Windows (without display,no screen) pressing power button for 5 seconds and turn off --> immediatly hit power button to start up again system loads and everything goes on, screen comes back and it is OK.--> playing games and movies no problem when its working on--> trying restart to see results; if its turn on or not, its ok when restarts again and again its ok no problem.--> Works finished and have to turn off laptop, then turn off laptop and go for sleeping--> the other day start up again same problem, everything Works but screen not again--> again same way to get back screen by restarting while it is working with no display--> nothing can do, only praying god like a prayer?please turn on please turn on,, i wont watch those movies again please god, please let it turn on, please??

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It sounds like the old forced Digital Display tweak that Pieter used to have in his INFs will sorta provide a fix, it sounds like your LCD's flex cable/inverter could be damanged, or the flex cable is not plugged in firmly.

If you read this Pieter, you should post up the fix again that will work for newer drivers, and if any HP ZD users stop by, you guys might be of some help.

Back to the topic starter, could you open your laptop up and check the flex cable?

Not too hard to do on mine, HP should have a manual of some sort on opening it up. (unless they stick at that stuff :) )

If if is a refresh rate problem, in the drivers you can force a 60HZ refresh rate override (nvidia control panel) on ALL resolutions, or higher than 60 if you know your LCD supports it.

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