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Toshiba Laptop Driver Problem

Guest Shawn

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I've had my laptop for awhile.. and I've been trying to get the tv-out feature to work, well.. it does but it won't display in color. I've messed with every setting but I can't get it to display in color via the tv out port, now when i connect a second monitor normally it works... My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite P25-S509 with a geforce fx 5200 go 32 mb. Help would be greatly appreciated..

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Have a look in the FAQ section there are some TV answers there.

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I have... I cant seem to find any solution to this problem, It couldnt possibly be my cable.. but then again I cant find any newer driver that works with my gfx card. I plug all my game systems in through my vcr which then connects to my TV and i bought this little cable that has like 4 pins and 1 notch that gos into my card. Then i use a yellow cable which is male at both ends. But yet it is black and white? :)

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Some laptops just have issues with this, and refuse to have colour with certain drivers.

Only the original drivers seem to work.

There is not much I can do here, unless someone has found a fix for this with a smilar machine.

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Well i downloaded the newest forceware driver off of nvidia.com for my desktop and tried it on my desktop.. it works wonderfull, I can play games and everything with very good detail on my TV, but this isn't the computer I wanted to get it working on:(

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To INFv 31.10 I've added some lines to fix a TV-out problem for a Medion laptop.

I've added this to 81.95+.

I assume you've grabbed 81.95 from nVidia (latest driver you mention)

Edit the modded INF (you'll need to DL it from 81.95 thread)

Look for these lines:

;MEDION MD41300 TV out fix thanks to Jeroen

;HKR,, DisableTVOutBIOS, %REG_DWORD%, 1

;HKR,, "TV Out", %REG_DWORD%, 2

;HKR,, DevicesConnected, %REG_DWORD%, 1

Remove the ';' from infront of the lines starting with HKR....

I think the line HKR,, "TV Out", %REG_DWORD%, 2 might be enough to maybe enable colour TV.

As this line is also in your laptops latest video driver (44.82)

Now reinstall and see how you go.

Hope this works for you.

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