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so i just bought splinter cell 3...and it installs fine, but when i put in my cd key....it goes to the 'checking disk cd' with the progress bar at about 25% and just goes to the 'stop responding' phase and uses 100% of the CPU....the only thing i can do is try and cancel the task and just wait for it to cancel....anyone know of anyhting??

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What are your system specs?

And yes OS and what optical drive you are using would help here.

I hope you have checked the disk to see if it is scratched.

Have you tried the game on a different PC?

You might want to try closing unessasary processes in the task manager before installing.

Edit: I see you got the game installed, can you get an external USB or firewire CD drive to test?

Some optical drives do not work at all with certain CD copy protections.

If that is the case you should be able to rip the CD and load it up in Daemon Tools as a virtual CD.

You'll need to google instructions on that one, or find a small ISO yourself, or contact me on AIM/email.

You can get ISOs with the full file set, but that aren't actually usable to install (have garbage data), they can be used strictly for the game's CD detection, and probably take up 20 MBs or less.

Edit: I don't think DT can emulate that copy protection, so except for getting a new DVD drive, your out of luck at the moment.

Apparently you need some crazy stuff to get it to work, like disabling all of your IDE devices.


You can search there for SC3.

The main site has a download for the program.


It seems companies care more about preventing a little bit of piracy then satisfying their customers.

Such a shame these days.

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