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Guest temp123

I have looked int he FAQ, I still have questions

First, someone said that i probably have the black bar thing, so i went to http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/enhancer

and it asks you for the driver version for which you are upgrading. but as far as i know, my driver version is

Which driver version do i need?

Where do i download that version.

Where do i put the black bar fix INF?

Where do i put the new driver?

I have a Toshiba Satellite 1415

I want the best driver for gaming.

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Any driver can be used.

Best driver? It depends on the game.

Use the corresponding INF to the driver you downloaded.

Put the INF from the enhancer page (the INF which contains the BlackBar fix) into the folder where you extracted the driver and delete all other INFs which may be inside the folder.

Update driver with "HaveDisk"-method (see FAQ)

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Try the 81.95 driver with that special modded INF.

Just select the 81.95 number and the black bar selection for your screen resolution, it should spit out the right INF file.

Now go to this topic:


And download the driver in the first post. (or just click this link)

What you do next is you run the driver exe, it will unzip the driver files to a folder, in that folder is the files, and the driver's INF file.

You just copy or move the file you got at that page in the folder, it should replace the one already in the driver.

Next go to the control panel, and go to your system properties, then the hardware tab, then device manager.

Next you find your graphics card under display adapters, go to its properites, then hardware, and hit update driver.


Then follow those steps.

Also in that topic at the very top is a video link, please get divx and watch that, shows you the install process.

Just so you know we have seen your posts, we have all just been extra busy this time of year. (I have exams)

If that driver doesn't work well, try the 77.77 driver, you can get the driver from my signiture, and the INF from that same page.

You can always AIM me or PM me if you want, or send me emails if you still have problems, I'll be home for a while this month.

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Do you have VMR turned on?

I would say this driver is just slow, nvidia should be releasing an updated one soon that should be faster. (81.98 or whatever, it should have the speed issues fixed)

When you say the TV out lags?

Does your PC just slow down, or is it only on games/videos, and are you using clone mode, or something different?

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The TV out lags when playing movies (divx etc) with ZoomPlayer, VLC or BSPlayer (on all players). Both in Clone mode and when switching only to tv-out.

It didn't use to do that. And another weird thing is that when windows boots and you see the desktop, the screen goes black for a second. I guess that's when the driver or nvidia manager is loaded, but is this normal?

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For the screen going black, go turn the overclocking page off. (The drivers are reading your card's clock speed, that is why it flashes.)


For the lagging TV out, you don't have the VMR option turned on do you?

Try turning it off, and try using the 81.98 driver with the mod INF when Pieter fixes the INF, as I think the current mod INF has some bugs in it.

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