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Game Start-up Problem


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Lately this problem became very frequent so I decided to ask you guys because I know if you can't give me the answer nobody can.

Sometimes (like 75% of the time) when I start a game and the screen adjusts to a new resolution or a color quality (for example: 16->32bit) the computer freezes and I am left with a blank screen. HDD stops working so I know that it's a lock-up. I don't turn off the computer because I'm impatient or something. It just freezes.

Any ideas why this would be happening? I tried different drivers but none solved the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Usually that's a driver problem. Since you've tried those, let's dig a little deeper. The modified infs we produce here support a wider variety of resolutions and GPU features than are offered by standard drivers. Try one of the really solid drivers (67.66 or 72.14) with the corresponding modified inf and see if that helps.

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Hi, try using the same desktop resolution and color depth as the game uses.

Or otherway around: try to start the game (commandline settings? or something like GameSet.exe or Configuration.exe) in the native Laptop's LCD screen resolution.


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