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Ok, my frend just bought this lap top and he wanted me to reinstall windows.... so i did that didnt have the drivers but its ok i got them from the internet but i couldnt get the driver for the graphics card. Ok now let me tell you what i have tried to do.

I got the latest drivers from nVidia's site. When i try running them and i get this error message "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."

I tried editing the information file (or what ever its called) that didnt work i get the same error message. But i got a driver somewhere its a driver for nvidia and that one runs all good installs everything but it doesnt work, when i restart the pc after the instalation and when it turns back ok its all the same.

I tried going into My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > and i dont see the graphics cards name i see "Other Devices" section and this is whats under it "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)" and it has a yellow question mark and on it an exclamation mark.

Can anyone help? I seriously need help coz its not my laptop.

I just cant believe that something can just screw up like this and that there is no way to fix it.

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Oooohhhh yo have been a bad boy :) :)

Uninstall driver, grab a driver from here, then grab a modded INF to go with it.

Replace orignal INF (in driver) with the modded one.

Now reinstall driver and you should be able to sleep better at nights now :P

If your not sure on 'how to' have a look in the FAQ section.

Goodluck, and if you break it you buy it, isn't that how it goes :(

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Ok, can u give me the links to those 2 files, i dont know which one to take. There is heaps of links on this forum.

I just got the original driver for this laptop. From the cd that came with the laptop. (a guy sent the driver to me) and i installed it and it still doesnt work, so the original driver installed and everything but it didnt make any difference.

So i dont know what it is.

Is there a program that scans my pc, and sees all the missing drivers? I saw it on other forums they didnt say the program they just said "driver id program" does anyone know any??

Yeh... If i break it i buy it. But i didnt break it :)


I was reading a bit on the forums so i tried updating the driver with Hardware update wizard. So i go to select the hardware, and i cant find the correct graphics card, so it doesnt show geforce fx go5200. it shows a whole list of other graphics cards all geforce, so i try updating one and i get this message

"Installing this device driver is not recommended because Windows cannot verify that it is compatible with your hardware. If the driver is not compatible your hardware will not work correctyly and your computer might become unstable or stop working completely. Do you want to continue installing this driver?"

So what is that? How can i find out that what graphics card i have, coz how i see it everyone has it in the device manager, it shows them the Display Adapters and under it the graphics card they got, but i dont have Display adapters!

Can you help? Please :) i tried downloading the drivers for my graphics card and the links dont work.

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Did you re-install windows from a standard install disc? Or did you actually run the recovery disc? The recovery disc will include everything you need (plus plenty of mobility apps).. standard xp will leave you needing alot of drivers...

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