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dead QFXG1000 on M60


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I have a dell M60 with quadro FX go 1000. I installed on it the driver 81.87 which i found here about a month ago. It was working far better than with the standard driver provided by dell I was using so far. I used it very happily and intensely for about one month. Unfortunately, yesterday, my laptop do not display anything more :'(, even when i plug an external monitor.

I went to browse through your faq (too late, I know !) and saw that on that GPU, drivers used should be 56.64 or 56.72.

So my questions are :

Is the problem I am facing related to my installing an inappropriate driver? Dell will change my GPU tomorrow. Should i uninstall the driver which is currently installed, and which one should I install. Will i be able to get the same type of performance which I enjoyed with the 81.87 driver, or was it just like putting nitro in an engine, which works fine, but necessarily break the engine shortly :)

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NO the driver will not damage your GPU.

If you have been using it intensly then this might cause the GPU to overheat.

Or there could be another problem, the inverter might have died.

If you are a bit scared of these modded driver, try using 82.10 which has support for your Quadro.

You won't need a modded INF with this.

This won't have the special Quadro or Control Panel tweaks but does have all the Dell OEM settings.

Give this a whirl, less functional but a Dell driver.

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thanks for the reply,

In fact, I must confess that i played around with the overclocking config provided in the control panel. I had the utility determining the best overclocking for my gpu, which was not very much.

for information, the temperature control was activated, with the limit set to 118°, and upon intense usage, it reported a temperature which was between 90 and 100, so I thought it was ok. I am not sure if the issue I had were related to temperature anyway, since when it stopped working, it was not under high usage. I was using a simple office application, restarted the computer, and upon restart the monitor did not display anything anymore, even on bios startup.

Thank you anyway to all of you who are doing a good pretty useful job here.


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I didnt have that problem running the FX GO 1000 in my I8600. Instead one morning I started up and there was a pixel displacement where portions (blocks) of the screen were being displaced on the screen during startup, in the bios, and in windows. The problem was progressive in that at first I could see the desktop once windows launched but now all I get is either a black screen with the pointer and one or two icons showing or the white, red, green, blue diagnostic screen.

Since this problem occurs during start up and in the computer bios screen does this mean that the bios on the gpx card needs to be flashed again or that the card is toast?

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I suspect the RAM on that card may be failing, but it won't hurt to reflash the BIOS just to rule out that possiblity.

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I had seem similar stuff in the BIOS setup and winblows on my GF4 card, never did figure out what was wrong exactly, I then replaced it with this Quadro4 700 GoGL and everything works fine again. :)

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