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Toshiba m200 Upgrade


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Alright, im a little confused by this site- im assuming you offer modded drivers to update laptop graphic chips.

Heres my ordeal, Im a 3D modeler and want to get a tablet so I can go to life drawing courses and do 3D sketches in zbrush.

Unfortunately, zbrush is complete ogl, realtime rendering millions of polys = need good graphics chip.

My question is would I be able to upgrade the standard Go5200 in that to say a Go1400 or 6800 ultra?

or if there's a physical size difference, rendering it impossible, what would be the highest I could upgrade to?

I can't find many connection/footprint specs on chips to decipher this, or if know if it would even work.

Obviously I can't carry a fan with me, but some form of cooling plate could be an option.

All help is greatly appreciated.


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Yikes a go6800Ultra in a tablet.

The battery would be flat the instant you turned it on.

So upgrading your go5200 is a definit NO, the GPU's are completely different in size shape and also bus.

The Quadro1400 and go6800 (Ultra) are PCI-e and the go5200 is AGP.

The go5200 is very much an entry level GPU even when it came out.

It won't cut the mustard with what your wanting to do at all.

You're going to have to go bigger in size and laptop with a Quadro or FireGL.

The fastest Quadro right now is the go1400, there is a Quadro 350M on the horizon based on the 7x00 series GPU's

There are also some other Mobile Quadro's that might come out.

It may pay to wait a little, even a laptop with a Quadro go1400 won't have a long battery life.

Good luck with your search :)

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Thanks for the fast reply.

I figgured I was being a little idealistic, but hey- it was worth a shot.

Battery life isn't so important as I will normally be able to plug it in.

I've seen a motion computing tablet running zbrush quite efficiently- so Its not like I'm stuck if I can't get a great chip into it, 32megs just seems a little inefficient.

In other words, can you think of a better chip that would be able to fit into the m200? or will I have to settle with the go5200?

As for laptops with crazy performance:


I believe they even have raid arrays in the bastards. But I really need a tablet as carrying a cintique is a little cumbersome, not too mentioned terribly overpriced.

Thanks again


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Nup the M200 GPU would be soldered to the board.. although it is a nice machine :)

If you want a tablet with a decent GPU check out the Tosh M4.. little bigger with a 14.1" screen @ 2.8kg... but is a blisteringly fast machine, (up to 2.26ghz, 2gb ram (ddr2), sata hdd, etc)... and the most important bit, a go6600! (TE version though).

Of course, all this loveliness comes at a cost.

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whew... somewhere i missed the ddr2 and sata when i was scoping the m4, hmm... I held it and thats what made me decide against, but if there's no way of swapping out the nvidia on the m200, maybe i'll have to go for it.

thanks for the advice guys- now i just need to search some people out at work with these tablets and some software.

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Yeah it's not a machine you want to be walking around with all day as a tablet, however if you just require the tablet functionality when at a desk etc it should be fine.

See if you can have a play with it first. They are both tablets, but quite different in what you do with them (ie, m4 is a lappie with a tablet, m200 is if you want to use as tablet 50%+)

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