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Locating Subsys & Video Date


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Okay I'm just trying to figure out my Subsys...?

Were do I locate it? Closest thing I found was ...

PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00C8&SUBSYS_09001558&REV_A2\4&284F7EBB&0&0008

Would it be 09001558???

Also Video BIOS Date... I know it shows it on Startup but I never see it on time or something ... I need stronger glasses...

Is there another way to get this info?


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I don't know about the BIOS date either, but your subsys is contained in the string you posted. - It's "SUBSYS_09001558"

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hi LordTyr

the Subsys and all the other information you need is provided by a tool call N.E.R.D. Just download it from the Link page, then unzip it any place you like best and run it. It will write a file in the directory last mentionen including all the data you were looking for. It's a few sides long but you know the short cut, don't you (CTRL+F). I know you know :)

Oh and it also includes the BIOS date you were looking for

hope this answers you question.

greetings BBB :)

P.S. The Subsys you're figures out should be the right one.

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