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Toshiba Satellite M60YP3 GF-GO6600 ppl look up


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ok heres the problem. eversince i bought the computer it happens. whenever i play games, just about any games (but 2D/3D hybrid games such as ragnarok and legend of heroes VI is most obvious), my computer freezes after a while (30min to 5 hours i dont know). EVERYTHING freeze, the mouse, the graphics, but somehow the music still keep going for a while, then it freezes also. Sometimes the game can return to normal after around 10 seconds, while it can also make my screen turn blue (the "dumping physical memory" screen)

just curious if anyone else is having this problem, and see if someone already come up with a solution

btw i am sure it is not anything about overheating. but i dont know if its a driver problem or sound problem

P.S. I am getting that s***ty sticky mouse problem in BF2, someone heeeeeelp

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Try some differerent drivers to see if this helps.

Maybe 81.95 or 82.10 .

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Ah, mouse problem in BF2, I think that was caused by sound drivers.

Make sure your sound drivers are up to date, along with the rest of your system.

Since you said it came this way, and your sure its not overheating.

Either some other driver might be causing the problem (since you said you have tried many different graphics drivers, and the one that came with it does that), or your hardware is defective.

You might have to call and complain to Toshiba about this one...

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wow thx for the quick replies

I tried turning ALL sound off and BF2 did run better lmao.....

but i have no idea how to upgrade sound drivers, and cant find anything here either (since this forum primarily concern with graphic driver)

can you offer me some place to look for them?

my sound device is SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio and the driver version is

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Looks like I have the exact same problem.And model.

Have you tried flashing your video bios perhaps - its about the only thing I havent tried yet.

Insanely infuriating problem isnt it

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