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Kiwi Movies to go and see


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The place is very quiet these last few weeks no new drivers to keep me busy so here is something different.

Released last week 'The Chronicles of Narnia' filmed nearly entirely in New Zealand with a Kiwi Director Andrew Adamson (of Shrek fame)

Based on CS Lewis's books.

I have not read these books yet, I have been meaning to, I look forward to watching this all the same.

Some of the scenes were filmed not far from where I am (a bit past the 'Fields of Pallenor' in another Kiwi epic), The Elephant Rocks' near Duntroon.

Released this last Wednesday 'King Kong', a remake of the Original 1933 classic.

Peter Jackon also from Gods own has pulled out all the stops in the is epic 3 hour feast of vision.

Shot entirly in his home city of Wellington and surrounds.

He has paid for 1 hour of this movie out of his own pocket (I'm sure he'll get it back) to make sure the film would be best it could be in his eyes.

It is his interpritation of the original film he watched when he was 9 years old and the next day he used his fathers 8mm camera to shoot his own pictures and never looked back.

This movie seems to be reviewed with extremes, either people love it or loath it, you make up your own mind.

I hope to also go and see this before the new year.

So go out and see a movie or 2 this weekend, but what ever you do, go and see them with an open mind, be entertained and let each director show you his version of the movie he has created.

Enjoy the Kiwi made films out this weekend :)

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I saw Narnia. I thoroughly enjoyed it but perhaps I was more entrigued with the CG as the childhood TV version somehow sticks out much more than this movie ever will. No wonder the landscape was enjoyable since it was filmed in NZ, which I was unaware!

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Spelling error:

Should it not be Chronicles of Narnia instead of Chronicals?

OK Mr Smartypants your right, I should use a spelling checker before posting

I did make a complete hash of it, didn't I :)

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