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GeForce FX Go5200 and Windows 98SE

Guest BrianW

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I searched Win98SE/Go5200 and I found a topic of my exact problem, but the INF files posted by Teraphy didn't work on my computer. I still got "incorrect display adapter" or "your adapter is not configured correctly" on start-up and was always returned to standard "safe" VGA settings. (4-bit color, 640x480).. I have also tried simply using the NVIDIA ForceWare 81.85 and installing the drivers manually, and selecting "GeForce FX 5200" as my adapter, ignoring the fact that it is a "Go", this resulted in a "Windows Protection Error" on boot-up, and prevented me from being able to boot in "Normal" mode, which meant I had to go to Safe-mode and uninstall the drivers. My machine is a DELL INSPIRON 5160. It has a P4 3.06Ghz processor and 512MB of system RAM. OS is 98SE. Does anyone know of any NVIDIA driver plus INF file combination that can successfully get a Go5200 and 98SE working together. Thanks.

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I have to ask... why have you got 98SE on? It's pretty much unsupported nowadays.

As to the rest... no idea personally :S

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You really need to throw that **** out and get a real OS, I know we have modded a few 98 drivers, but your not going to get good support with that.

Larry makes a special INF just for your laptop, it would be nice, but you need a modern operating system called Windows XP.

What drivers have you tried anyway?

If you are trying to use XP drivers on that your wasting your time, you need the 98 drivers and support for 98 isn't so hot with anything anymore.

This right here is the latest 98 driver.


You will need a special mod INF from Pieter for that, go ask for it here too.


If you would remove that and install XP, you would have so many more graphics options.


Larry makes that custom INF for example, hes your best bet with support for your laptop.

I'll tell Pieter next time I get a chance to talk to him to mod you an INF.

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Old games based on Quake2-modded engine, like Half-Life: Counter-Strike run better under Windows 9x. Also, Steam, the content delivery system of Valve, the make of Half-Life: Counter-Strike, has some serious bugs in processor usage of hl.exe. On NT OSes, hl.exe often spikes in CPU usage at random times. I have tested this on various NT, 2000, and XP computers. It is not that I want to use Windows 98 as my main OS, it is just that for the particular purpose of playing this game, it has been the best for me and I want to use it on my notebook. Thank you for all of your helpful information in your post. Personally, I don't like Windows of any type, (I use BSD for my work), but for playing this game Windows 9x is the best option. Again, many thanks for all of your information Bill and Mattman. It is much appreciated. :)


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