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Is it possible to "fake" higher resolution?

Guest Alex

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Hi all,

Well, I have a 1024 screen on my Toshiba notebook and hence cannot use a higher resolution (don't think the GPU can either.

"Unfortunatly" I have been working with a ASUS notebook lately which has a 1400 screen and it's so much easier to work with as you simply have far more "room" on your screen and more information on one screen.

Is it possible to somehow shrink everything on the screen to the size it would have at a resolution of 1400?

I hope you all know what I mean and I am sure there is a tool out there which is able to perform this task. Problem is, you can resize text display in IE and Firefox but it doesn't work for every program.

So I am looking for a tool which might do this, kind of faking a higher resolution and hence shrinking everything on the screen.

Sounds weird, but I hope you know what I mean and maybe someone here can help me.



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You want to change the DPI setting I take it (or get a higher resoluton LCD screen)

Just for the record if you have a GPU from like the last 8 or so years ateast, I am sure it can render higher than 1024x768, its your monitor that is the limitation.

Right click on your desktop, hit properties, then go to settings, then hit advanced, you should be under the general tab, now see where it says DPI, if you lower that everything should get smaller. (and the opposite if you increase the DPI)

You will need to select custom setting and set it to 75%, or less if its available.

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A new problem has arised. Unfortunatly, although now working quite well, when copying files on my harddrive, in Explorer, the text stating which file is being copied where is simply not being shown or rather only the bottom part of the text is visible. I guess the "window" showing the copy information has been reduced in size due to the DPI change but the folder icons with the flying paper sheets are still the same size and hence cut off most of the text.

Is there anything I can do about this?

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Can't you live with that?

Anyway go search on google, there is probably a way to edit the windows registry to increase the size of the window or something.

You edit the registry at your own risk though....

After dinner I might do some searching on this.

Edit: This should do the trick, just watch out while editing windows files...


I strongly suggest reading all 4 pages of that article, the first page will tell you about the being able to just resize the window and hit recompile, page 4 tells you the file to edit for the windows dialoge boxes I believe.

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