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Dawn of War on VPR Matrix 220A5

Guest warmonkey

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Guest warmonkey

Hey there,

I've tried many things to get Dawn of war to work again - it worked with the earlier patches, but not with the latest 1.4 and 1.41 patches.

As the title says I have a VPR Matrix 220A5 with a Nvidia geforce4 420 Go video card.

I have tried:

1. The drivers here

2. Omega drivers

3. Manufacturers Drivers (They are old and out of date - Darn VPR Matrix!)

4. Detonator Drivers

When I install the other drivers and restart, it puts me in like 4bit mode, which I can only change when I unselect the "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display"

In my properties section it shows two monitors.

1. Multiple monitors on Geforce4...

2. Default monitor on Geforce4...

When I extend the view to the other monitor - #2, I can get into the Graphics Configuration Utility for Dawn of War. But it cannot test and when I launch the program it says it failed to initialize the video card.

Any ideas?

All the things seem to point to the video card and or the display/monitor settings.

I'm totally at a loss here.



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