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Toshiba M4 with Nvidia forceware 82.12 - problem with TV output


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Problem: with the 82.12 and modded INF installed, my Toshiba M4 does not function normally under the clone and dual display mode when TV is selected as the 2nd device.

It would fire up normally, but whenever I change the resolution of the TV screen (attahced) it would make the TV screen go blank.

Video playback is also a problem. Once again the TV screen would go blank. I don't know whether the problem is overlay related or TV screen resolution setting related. Tired using Rivatuner to change everything overlay related but to no avail.

Everything else seems to be fine.

Back to the driver that came with Toshiba (71.21), and everthing works perfectly.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance, this is driving me nuts.... :)


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Have you tried other drivers newer than 71.21?

I would suggest you try the 81.98 and 82.10 drivers with Pieter's regular mod INF.

Uninstall your current driver then install one of those or a newer 7x driver and test.

77.77 is also a good newer 7x series to test.

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Thanks Bill! Problem solved with 77.77.

To all M4 owners: you may need to use this modded inf instead. I basically added the Toshiba stuff back to the performance inf. If this is not used, you may not be able to use TV out at all (or external monitor, for that matter).

Great! Now I get the best of both worlds (reasonably new drivers, and TV/external monitor capability retained)

This inf probably works only for M4.....


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