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The forum will be updated within the next couple of hours. Thus the board will be down. Lots o'fixes.


-- Forum update completed.

-- Device List for Profile Information area is filled out. This is updated per the driver database. If a new driver contains new devices they will be added and the profile information then updated.

My Controls -> Edit Profile Information -> Video Device ID

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Good on yah Teraphy, good to see someone's working

Will this also fix when making a new post or replying the smiles are now 1 across

Up until the other day they were about 3 across.

What is happening now to finish a post one needs to scroll down an awful long way (with only smillies on the left side of the page) to get to the bottom of the page.

Just a niggly thing I noticed that startes about 2 days ago.

Other than that, keep up your awsome efforts.

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I know what you mean. It's not fixed. I'll just change it back. It's still 3 wide but you can't see it.

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Now is the time to tell me what I broke :)

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Not broken today, but I did notice yesterday that the 'sent messages' doesn't keep any messages that were sent.

ie all sent messages get deleted after send.

So does you comment mean that you have weaved your magic ?

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:) Maybe.

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