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Best way to go, PCI express or AGP?


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Alright, so I am dumping the pos laptop I think, and building a desktop.

So, the question of the day.

AGP or PCI express?

For gaming, and graphics use, which one would be best, and what model? (try to stay under $250).

A few things....

I do not want to have to upgrade for some time... so 256-512mb memory is what I am looking for.

Something that has alot of potential to be overclocked.

Cards that can be flashed to act as a more expensive and better model is appreciated.

Thanks guys, you are the best. :)

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I think your stupid to buy a desktop computer with AGP these days.

PCI-E is more upgradeable now, most newer cards only support it, and soon none will support AGP anymore.

And if I were you I would get a dual PCI-E system and get SLI someday.

I don't think any GF8s will support AGP, and I think all of the GF7s only support PCI-E, and a lot of the GF6 cards are only PCI-E, so you can see where this is going...

Go search on newegg here for graphics cards.


That is a complicated search but that should be all the good 256MB nvidia PCI-E GF6 and GF7 series SLI capable cards from $150 to $300

Any GeForce 7800 GT like I see on there close to the 300 is really good, so it might be worth your while spending almost $300

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814139175 :) (that will run like any game now and for atleast the next few years)

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That stuff is old, first off the first few PCI-E cards were actually just AGP cards with chipsets to convert it, so that is one reason why they might have not been as fast. With newer cards and drivers it has gotten better.

Newer cards are better, plus I seriously dout that nvidia is going to release anymore AGP cards this year or next year.


You can buy an AGP motherboard and card if you want, (I'll laugh at you) but don't come crying to us how to put a PCI-Express only GeForce 8 card in your AGP mobo later this year.

Also, none of those games were "made for AGP only"

The ones you mentioned came out after PCI-E started going mainstream, games like FEAR are preferably run in SLI at the moment, just try running SLI on AGP....

Also, as time goes on they will have cards they can really fully take advantage of the faster speed of PCI-E, I could go on and on about what you can use the GPU in a GF card for over PCI-E. (video rendering for one)

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I would recommand the Sapphire X800GTO2. Its basicly a X850 with deactivated pixle-pipelines. Sapphire offers a Bios on there Webpage witch unlocks the full 16pipes.

You can read a review here: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=27655

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