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FX Go5600 Refresh rate on 2nd display adapter


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first of all congrats to this site. Excellent source of information, you just don't get via regular support channels.

Now to the problem I am facing right now:

I have connected a Belinea TFT to my Toshiba P10-554. Screen Resolution is set to 1024 * 768, clone mode activated, I see the same content on both screens, just as it is supposed to.

In Nview "Vollbild-Video" (fullscreen-video?) I have set it to show the video on the secondary display device, which is the Belinea TFT.

No matter what screen refreshrate I set, when the video is played back, the refreshrate on the secondary display is set to 85Hz, which is too much for the TFT (Mode Info: Out Of Frequency) and it goes black after a couple of seconds.

Does anybody have any idea, what I might be missing?

Kind Regards and have a great day.


P.S. I had the latest drivers installed ( provided by Toshiba via Windowsupdate). After reading a lot of posts, I have updated to 57.82, but the problem persists. That is why I am postin here.

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Try some modern drivers, click the driver recomend link in my sig and try the 81.98 drivers with Pieter's mod INF, read the pinned have disk install topic in the FAQ section if you need to.

As for the refresh rate, try using the refresh rate override setting in the driver, Pieter's INF has it enabled, on a LCD it should be ok to force 60 Hz at all resolutions, that should fix it for you.

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I tried as you suggested Bill, but the problem persists and I experienced a loss of performance :) . I have reverted to the last officially provided drivers and wait for a reply from Toshiba Support.



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