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World Exclusive Preview: MSI's MXM SLI Card


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Hardwarezone have gotten hold of this MxM capable SLI Board from MSI.

Now you can put laptop cards into a desktop for powersavinngs with decent performance.

For a full review look here


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That's pretty cool, but I wonder how much that would cost for two Go 7800 GTX MXMs? If it was like 700US, i'd rather go with two 7800 GTX 512Mbs :)

Anyway, it could be interesting. If you could get pretty decent cooling on it, you could overclock the hell outta it, and I say that 2x MXMs are cooler than any two cards in SLI anyday.

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It's going to be a year of grunty, low powered pc's.

One of these with a pair of go7800GTX's and a 2.13Ghz Core Duo... can't go wrong.

Still probably suck less juice than your average prescott p4.

I think the max power draw for an MXMIII slot is 30-35W? That's nothing, 70W for an SLI rig like that... could run a PC on 200-250W no worries at all. Be dead quiet too.

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