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Video Driver Problems for Geforce go 6800


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Ok, I've been viewing many of the forum topics on here concerning the geforce go 6800 and still can't fix my problem. I'm runnin an Mtech laptops D700T.

My main problem is running HL2 and Counter-Strike: Source. They're the only games I've ran on this machine and I've found I'm getting very low fps like around 20-50 but even worse than that, everynow and then the game freezes just for a split second then resumes. It does that everynow and then, enough to bug the crap out of me when it shouldn't be happening. I've tried running many different drivers, including Mod'd drivers. From this site I've tried the 67.90, 81.33, and 8310. None of those have fixed the problem.

Laptop Specs: p4 3.4ghz 2gig RAM, 40gig harddrive

any help would be much appreciated!

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Uninstall your drivers first (fresh install your gonna do) and try the 81.98 driver, handy link in my driver recomend thread which is linked too in my drivers and INFs link in my sig.

Do you have the lastest sound card drivers?

Try finding some or disabling your sound card in the device manager and see if either of thoses fixes the hitches in the games. (yes bad sound card drivers can and have caused lag for people ingame)

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