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Need INF for instrumented driver


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I would like to use an instrumented driver to see exactly what is goiung on in my laptop GPU. One reason I bought an Amilo with geForce Go 6800 is that my desktop has an ATI, so I hoped to be able to test programs on both ATI and nVidia cards. Here is THE current instrumented driver (a 79.70 version):


Older versions are obviously no longer available.

I tried an older version when I bought the Amilo and setup basically said there is no driver included for my hardware. Replacing the INF with the nearest version I saw on this site made it install. However when opening the control panel, it says nvpmapi.dll is missing. This is obviously a cenhtral part of the "performance data helping" stuff of the instrumented driver:


Obviously, the INF, not being made for an instrumented driver does not copy this over. The same things happened now with the 79.70 instrumented driver. In desperation I renamed the nvpmapi.dl_ to nvpmapi.dll and copied it over, but while I now get a slightly different error, things are still porked.

I compared the inf from that driver with the nearest INF from this site and saw a ton of differences, some of which I can guess the reason for and some I do not.

Do the experts agree I only need the right inf and could then use that driver on my 6800 Go?

What is the best way to progress?

Is anyone willing to create an inf for me?

If not, what is the best way to merge the INF from here and from nVidia? For example, should I put some sections from the nVidia INF into the INF from this site?


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Just DLing now, will have a look and get back with a yeah :) or neah :)

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