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VGN-S460 6200 shared memory Question


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Okay, so I've been tweaking my new VGN-S460 to no end. I've upgraded from 512 megs of ram to 2 gigs of PC2-4200 (OCZ). I've overclocked the 6200 from 300/600 to 370/695 using RivaTuner. I've put on the 81.95 drivers that were found here on this website (which run amazing, I can't thank you all enough for your work)! And after doing lots of digging, I was (at first) mad at Sony for limiting the FSB for memory use to only 400 MHZ when the 915PM chipset can clearly handle 533mhz!!! I even asked them on the fone about this. THey were very rude when I gave them the address to intel's website to prove them wrong. So I finally have found SetFSB it was talked about on notebookreview.com. I am going to be "overclocking" the notebook to the correct speed that my memory should be running at now.

Anyways after doing all this I have raised my 3dmark03 score from a crappy 1500 to a wonderful 3000!!! I can run Battlefield 2 perfectly on low settings with the view distance setup to about 75%, but all at 1024x768 res! I havent tried much else yet, but I plan to in the coming days. This tiny notebook should have no problems breezing through everything else that I thow at it (within reason of course)

Now here is where you guys come in. I am looking for a way to upgrade the amount of memory that the 6200 has access to. For those that don't know, you get 32mb dedicated, and 96 shared. I am looking for a program (preferably) to increase the amount of memory that the 6200 is able to have access to of the available 2 gigs of ram in the laptop.


Btw you guys run a great site! There isnt much support out there for laptop powerusers! :)

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That is a great performance increase :)

As for the shared memory increase this is probbaly BIOS controlled.

Happy tweaking :)

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Here is some other scores I was able generate with the VGN-S460 after some more overclocking of the FSB/Memory and processor.

The 460 comes stock with a 1.7ghz pentium m processor. I was able to overclock the processor to 1.9ghz, fsb to 584MHz, and memory to 436MHz. With these speeds plus my 6200 overclocked to 370/695 I was able to acheive (with the default demo settings on 3dmark03) a nice score of 3105!

Even with this, and from what I believe (plenty of head room to keep going up on the fsb/processor/memory clock speed), I have decided to back down my clock speeds to 1.83ghz/560MHz (fsb)/420MHz (memory clock speeds).

I am very proud to share this information with all because I am one of the people out there looking for more. And I know its not easily found out there on the internet. So please enjoy my testing and please post your own experiences. Its all really appreciated! ^-^

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DJ rom,

I have the same computer and have been hoping to make it faster. However i dont have the knowledge to do such things, im still trying find the correct up to date video card driver (nvidia geforce go 6200). Maybe you might share with me, how you did all these tweaks. Also are they perfetly safe to do with your computer? Ill be back later on in the day, i really how to hear back from you.


thanks for the great site guys! been hoping to get some issues resolved and with htis site, im betting my search is over

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Ah, I'm glad that I can finally get a chance to help someone out with my knowledge, testing, and (what could end up being) a sacrafice of a really nice laptop! :)

Ok, well I will post all the information here for you on what I did (with links). This is so that it hopefully becomes searchable for anyone else looking for VGN-S460 (even 560possibly) support!

IMPORTANT NOTE (MUST READ): I am not responsible for any problems that may or may not occur to you or your computer. I am simply just letting you know what I did, and am sharing with you my experiences. This is only a guideline and you can follow it or not, its completely up to you. I am also not garunteeing you anything will happen, work, or not work. I did this all to see how much I could push this wonderful laptop, and to share it with as many peopel as I could who are interested. So, with all this in mind, enjoy.

In order for you to see the difference in your work get: 3dmark03 or 05 (www.futuremark.com its under products) (I prefer 03, but thats just me becuase thats what I started out with to have something to compare by). You should also download Sandrasoft ( http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/index.html?dir...264&langx=en&a= ) and CPU-Z ( http://www.cpuid.com/download/cpu-z-131.zip ). Ok, so here we go with what I did.

First off I went out to www.NewEgg.com and bought two sticks of this memory...http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820227110.

You probably could just get 1 stick if you want, but I wanted to get 2.

NOTE (IMPORTANT): Just because the FSB on the laptop is 533MHz. After installing the memory, and running Sandrasoft, it revieled that the memory speed did not increase what-so-ever. AFter talking to Sony reps extensively and showing them links to the Intel 915PM chipset website that clearly states that it can support 533mhz for memory and fsb. They simply told me that the laptop was not designed to run at 533MHz. Here is the link to the intel chipset...http://www.intel.com/products/chipsets/915pm/

My theory to this is that Sony knew they were going to come out the 5 series shortly after and decided to make it so if you wanted the faster clock speed you needed to upgrade.

SOOOO..With this being the case, you are very safe in getting slightly cheaper PC2-3200 memory from OCZ, don't get value ram and expect it to run as fast this OCZ ram, the timings are different, and you should look that up too if you are really interested in getting the absolute fastest memory you can.

BTW...You can find out how to get to the ram in the laptop from your User Guide..Which can also be found here: http://www.iq.sony.com/srvs/DocsConnect/do...d=37711&DL=true

http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=8261 <--Get these drivers, unzip them into a folder. On that same page I got the "Performance INF" file, and dropped it into the folder that all of the drivers unzipped to. Then run the install and it should install fine! Restart and that will give you a nice increase in that alone.

Next thing I did...Was I went and downloaded RivaTuner ( http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=163 ). With this program you are able to overclock your GPU, and you are also able to monitor the core's temp when overclocking or running 3dmark. What you do with RivaTuner is go under the Driver Settings (towards the bottom) and click on the arrow pointing to the bottom right (in the left box it will say "Forceware Driver"). A meu will pop up to the side and click on the video card. There will be a check box up at the top "Enable driver-level hardware overclocking". Click it and it will ask you if you want to reboot, or detect, and it will also ask you if you want 2d and 3d seperate. Click that (2d and 3d seperate check mark) and then reboot.

When you reboot, you want to make sure the top says "Performance 3d" (in the selection box). And then you can move the sliders left and right, and there will be a blue bar under each. The max I was able to get mine to move was: Core Clock: 370 and Memory Clock: 695. Then click the Test button. As long as it doesnt give you an error. You can click apply, and run some tests to see if it freezes up on you. If it doesnt freeze up after running 3dmark and some sandra tests. Then I would suggest going back into Rivatuner where you were before and clicking "apply these settings at startup". Unless you are nervous about it, then you can just overclock it whenever you want to use it for gaming. That would probably be the safest bet, unless you arent really worried about it.

Next thing up is the an overclocking program built specifically for the VGN-S460. I found this after about 3 days of searching online for something similar to try and remedy my issue with the memory only running at 400MHz. And this is what I found: http://www13.plala.or.jp/setfsb/

Now, the only issue I have with this program is when you overclock (moving the slider), it will not only overclock your memory speed, but your FSB, and your processor. Its a package deal, so its not exactly what I wanted. But I will say this, I was able to successfully get my 1.73ghz to run at 1.9ghz (setting the slider up to 146(x/x/x) from 133(x/x/x) ) without any hitches. Though after using it to get a nice score of 3100 in 3dmark03, I backed it back down to 1.8ghz ( 140(x/x/x) ). I am going to run it at 1.8 for a while and maybe slide it back up to 1.9ghz later on. I believe I could've kept going higher up on it, but I would like the battery life to not go down too much and lose some longevity on the laptop itself by running it hotter. Since the FSB and memory clock speeds are going up at the same time as the laptop. :)

So thats pretty much all I have so far. I am still looking for a solution to my 256 megs for video memory for the GeForce 6200.

All that I ask is that you share your experiences (hopefully all good ones! ^-^). And that you please keep in mind that I have also used several other tweaks to get my laptop running as quickly as possibly. Including:

http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,5155,00.asp <--optimizing windows

http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558,1785996,00.asp <--decreasing the boot time for your laptop

Running a program called Bootvis http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=664

Well there you go! Just remember this is just me telling you what I did, you have to do it for yourself to see what happens, I'm not responsible, blah blah blah. If you need any more help please just ask! ^-^

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Update: Just for the heck of it, I decided that I would go ahead and overclock just a little bit further. So I overclocked using the setFSB program to 153.6(307.2/115.2/38.4) MHZ. Which translates into: 2GHz processor, 614.5 FSB and 460 for Memory clock speed.

Again, this is just information made available for people looking for overclocking info.

BTW. I have discovered that once you restart the laptop it resets the clock speeds back to the default, but will run till you restart. Which is good to know if it freezes on you while you are running tests or such.

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I am incredibly impresed with your work here, and i for one really appreciate the write up. One would do well to Sticky this, or put it in a how-to Forum. Thank you very much for work, ive learned quite a bit just from this alone.


Currently im in the process of this, and will repost my results and (if any) hicups.

1) Newb assumption - I must uninstall previous drivers before attempting:

"http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=8261 <--Get these drivers, unzip them into a folder. On that same page I got the "Performance INF" file, and dropped it into the folder that all of the drivers unzipped to. Then run the install and it should install fine! Restart and that will give you a nice increase in that alone."



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I think its something that you are supposed to do not to cause any conflicts. But I have never experienced any of the conflicts that I have been told can occur. But thats just my experience.

Thanks for the praise! Its greatly appreciated! ^-^ I am very glad to share this with everyone who is looking for this type of information! Frankly I am quite saddened by the amount of laptop information that is out there for laptops, not even getting into the overclocking portion of it.

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Here are my results:

without any modifications 3dmark03: 2503


With new drivers 3dmark03: 2618

After installing the drivers you suggested i noticed an exceptionally long reboot time.


With RivaTuner 3dmark03: 3016

I was able to get a max setting of 370/689 -- dont know why i couldnt achieve what you did, but thats ok. I am very happy with the increase in performance.

I just ordered the same ram you did, tho i got 3 sticks. 1 for this one, 2 for my other laptop (dell insperon 9100).

I certainly hope to see a larger increase in performance.

i wish everyone else the same luck as i had. Thanks again =)

^^ thats me btw ><

umm, i realized i didnt try your cpu overclocking, maybe ill do next?


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Hi thx for your info, i figure that s460 and s570 also used the same chipset 915pm. i decided to give it a try with the setfsbs460, it detected my curresnt fsb as 133 right away.Since its a s570 the fsb is already at 133 <factory ddr2 memory at 266 cas4> there is little head room to get it higher i am able to set fsb to 153.6 for the same 2ghz u get from s460, tried to set at 166fsb for 2.38 ghz result in lock up. if this program add vcore setting it would be a lot better.

after playing around with fsb and observe the cpu clock speed thru cpuid http://www.cpuid.com/ <cpu-z new name of this program freeware>, i noticed cpu voltage keep undervoltade to 0.998v instead of 1.3 should be run on this cpu that resulted to 800mhz only. I go to vaio central->power management->power options->power management-> under system cpu control while plugin set it to performance. This will make vcore constant run at 1.3 v and cpu speed at normal speed. my cpu mutilplier is 14 set to 151.8 resulted to 2133 mhz from 1866. i havent had a chance to download some burn in programs to test out the heat and stability issue yet

to dj try use cpuid, it should detect your memory speed correctly, after overclock with the program u provide it listed my factory supplied memory to 300mhz from 266mhz at 150fsb

Edit: //Merged You guys are gonna give me a headache with all the rapid posting in this thread....

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Its funny you mention that Guest. When I opened up my laptop, the ram I found im it was PC2-3200 ram by samsung but stated that its only 333MHz on it. Which is kind of strange, when I questioned Sony staff about it, they said that it ships with PC2-3200 ram clocked at 400MHz. So I'm not quite sure. But also, I should note that I did buy this laptop open boxed. So the original ram may of been stripped out.

BTW, congrats on the performance increase! Yeah, I did notice longer boot times too with the new nvidia drivers, but I got my clocked down to 45 seconds. But I mostly put my laptop in stand-by mode which allows it to boot back into windows in under 5 seconds or so. If you are really that worried about it you can go back to your old drivers, but I wouldnt suggest it if you are planning on playing more taxing games on it.

My laptop is running like a well-oiled machine, and I am ###### proud of the performance I recieve from games such as battlefield 2 with all of my tweaks.

I do use cpuid, well CPU-Z, whatever you want to call it. Its a great program for monitoring. Thank you guest btw for reporting at what clock speed you stalled your laptop at. I am quite intersted in turning my up as far as you did and running a 3dmark03.

Also, one other thing I can note that I did notice, with the circle chart that shows were most of the power is going to in the vaio power managerment. Using the vaio optimized or whatever doesnt allow for as much performance as setting it to the "desktop setting". It gives just slightly more power. I'm not quite sure how, but if you are looking for every last bit of power, it couldn't hurt.

Ok. I'm out for now...

Oh yeah, sorry to hear that you couldn't get your 6200 clocked as far as I could, but it shouldnt make that big of a difference in the long run.

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I think one of you asked earlier why you should uninstall first?

Well if you are downgrading drivers, like going from say 81.98 to 77.77, you pretty much have to uninstall first, otherwise you will probably get a black screen on reboot. (from my experiences)

Generaly upgrading without a fresh install is usually safe, I have done it loads of times without uninstalling.

But downgrading you should uninstall first.

Obviously if you suspect the drivers are corrupted I would recomend a fresh install, I would also recommend a fresh install when upgrading from say Omega drivers and the like.

It is possible to just straight downgrade without problems, but not a good idea to try unless you like having a laptop that won't boot into windows correctly. :)

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The newer install packages actually make you uninstall/reboot first when downgrading..

It's a good thing, makes it harder for people to screw stuff up :) I do make a habit of using drivercleaner too on any downgrade.

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Finally have a chance to benchmark my stockl s570

1.83ghz dothan <mutiplier 14>

512mb ddr2 4200 @266mhz infineon

100gb 5400 rpm

geforce go 6400

vcore 1.3v

FSB 133mhz 150mhz 164.4mhz

cpu speed 1866mhz 2104mhz 2301mhz

overclock% 0 12.5% 23.3%

mem speed 266mhz 300mhz 328.7mhz

Super pii 2m 1m40s 1m29s 1m20s

idle temp 47 48 53

burnin temp 55 56 61

3dmark video stock

400/700 3030 3142 3214

video overclock

470/842 3388 n/a 3683

additional stick of memory can make the score higher and also if mutplier of fsb/mem can be set different it can clock to around 2.4ghz on this cpu. but to be save running at 2100mhz 150fsb should be good enough

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So i picked up the ram you suggested. 2gb worth and installed. when i ran 3mark03 i saw no increase in performance, it was 3018, were as the one i ran right before i installed the ram was 3017 (at 512mb)

dont know whats up with that.. i guess i was expecting an increase in performance.. perhaps it doesnt show it there? im off to play some games and see what i get from it there. thanks again - great guide.

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<!You can delete the above post, that was me >.<!> Edit: Done! :)

Well, you got to look at it this way about the ram (sorry it took so long to get back to you on the topic).

If you only have 512 megs of ram...You really dont have that much because first off you probably only have access to around 490ish. Second off..Your video card takes up 96 megs of it right off the top just for video! Next up is the fact that windows uses around 129 megs to run. So once you do the math...At 512 megs of ram, you only are really having access to 280ish. And that is going to be used to load games, and cache games that you are playing. You can get away with 1 gig, but I figured since 96 megs are being taken right off the top just to do the video...Going 2 gigs couldnt hurt. Mainly you will notice it in the loading times, being decreased. You can look this up just about anywhere.

I am sorry if you thought you were going to get a huge increase in performance. But in real world situations (gaming) is where you will notice your increases.

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No, you are certianly right. Ive seen an incredible increase in performance with the gaming that i do (world of warcraft). It may not show in the 3dmark, but it certianly pulls its weight.

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Fantastic bit of research youve done there, have managed to get 3083 with my 460 (its stock apart from 2gb of crucial ram) which is up from 2330 as standard, im a novice on this stuff so i can pretty much only follow what youve been doin,

your probaly already aware that the geforce go 6400 (wished i'd waited a couple of weeks) automatically upgrades to 256mb graphics when you put more system ram in (not sure how much needs to go in before the switch) if the 6200 is similar to the 6400 in architexture this might helpyou in your search for more graphics ram

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Well, ksalls I am glad that you got the performance you were looking for! ^-^

That is some great performance you got there wpuk! ^-^ We truely have one of the best laptops on the market! Considering the size :) .

Also wpuk, I have heard about that from somewhere else. But I haven't had time as of late to get around to figuring it all out. I am wondering if maybe its a driver thing from sony. But I'm not quite sure, I plan on looking more into in the coming week or so, and if I find out anything else, I will definitly post it! ^-^

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Ohk, well after doing a little more digging, I have come to find out that the BIOS is more updated for the S560. Now this makes sense, but I am wondering, what would happened if I tried to update the 460 with the 560's bios update. It seems to be the same from the way the driver's file name is listed. Plus on the 460's bios update it talks about a video issue that it changes. So I am wondering if maybe..just maybe the newer bios will have the ability to throttle the video card's memory. Its a long shot, but something that I am going to consider doing. I am a little nervous that it could...you know, screw up my laptop. But with the bios upgrade may come some other stuff that I wanted in the first place, like a FSB for memory of 533....Man it just sounds too easy. Ok I will stop babbling now. I will let you all know what I do when I do it.

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Ok, so I downloaded the bios update and um, well it tells me this update is not for this model. So now its time to figure out what its looking for and change it. If anyone else could help me out and try and figure out this problem, it would be greatly appreciated! ^-^

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Hello again, pretty much everything ive read about 6200/6400 comparisons says the 6400 is just an overclocked 6200, using the bios from the 560 is interesting have read on other forums bout people doing that to sort out overheating problems but no mention about graphics

heres the link for the bios change, apparently chinese is the new cool


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I just got done installing the bios update. Without a hitch. Maybe since its supposed to cool the laptop down a bit, I will be able to eek out a little more performance out of hte processor.

But, sadly it doesn't do the video ram upgrade that I am looking for. So it seems I need to find a 6400 video bios and flash my current bios with that bios...I will keep you updated. ^_^

BTW..Thanks for the help! This atleast eliminates one possibility and opens the door for the next possibility. :)

Darn it! Sorry, it was me.


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Ohk, well I've come across this website here:


Unfortunately under their downloads page for normal Nvidia drivers, I am unable to find 6400 bios files in order to flash. So I am wondering if anyone else can find out who makes the card that is in the S460 specifically, other than just "nvidia". Because thats the only info I can dig up using programs on my laptop. I am going to start doing some more searchs after lunch.

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Sorry if this sounds stupid but what about flashing the graphics card with a bios from a none portable card i.e the normal (not the go) GeForce 6200 which supports upto 256mb, thinking heat issues straight away but just guessing

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