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VGN-S460 6200 shared memory Question


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Just so you know, that really sounds very stupid.

If you want a non-working graphics card or want your graphics card to blow up, go right and ahead and flash it to desktop. (if it will even flash)

But please, if your gonna destroy your card, why don't you just send LV2GO the laptop, we could also use more here.

Anyway to make a long story short it won't work unless there is some special MXM chipset/brand thingy that I have not heard about, or a special proprietary card.

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Guest butchlehmann

Just checking to see if you ever found a solution to alocating more memory to video. I have the same laptop w/2 GB Ram and am interested to see if this would add any improvement.

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I just signed up to laptopvideo2go recently and i love this post.

I have a Sony Vaio FS680W and nevertheless read it because it was an interesting idea. It has great information to those new to overclocking laptops. I have my desktop overclocked, but was nervous about doing it to my laptop until I saw this thread.

I will likely create my own post for the FS680 after I get everything set, because there are just two posts on the laptop (one is mine) and there have to be more people with it on this this site. Just waiting for finals to end, then I will have time to mess around with everything.

Only thing I am unsure about is SetFSB. Is that CPU-Z program an equivalent program?

Thanks & AWESOME!

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Guest Quaker

noob alert here...sorry if I mess up the post.

djRom, you are the man for sure! With any luck this is the trick to bumping up the FSB, I think, without burning the CPU too hot. (read: getting more out of the nice OCZ soDIMMs you recomended...and I promply bought!): open setFSB *and* the Vaio Power Managment Viewer on the Advanced setting. I also keep CPU-Z open @ the same time.

Next, enable the plugged-in "VAIO Optimized" profile and go to "Advanced". Under System set CPU Control to Adaptive. I also set fan setting to 4..to reduce the noise a little.

Now go back to the setFSB (also bring CPU-Z into view) and begin to bump up to 140.2/x/x/x and hit Set FSB button. You will see that CPU-Z notices the bump in FSB, but CPU clock is kept in check by the VAIO Power Management utility. (test this by setting the VAIO to "Performance" and watch the CPU increase...and the fan start to increase noticeably)

Again, I'm not 100% on whether this is just bumping up the FSB...but CPU-Z leads me to believe so.




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